For Parents update on daughter we survived our first cheer competition

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Jan 9, 2008
Daughter had her 1st cheer competition this past weekend. She did well did not fall despite of her team not placing. I enjoyed the gymnastic meets much better but I am trying to be that supportive mom. I have never seen so many girls fall on their heads trying to backhandsprings in my life. The routines after a while were boring they were doing the same things I actually miss watching those compulsary routines LOL. In a gymnastic meet there are 4 events going on so their is much more variety. I did enjoy one of the high school teams who are nationally known their tumbling was amazing. I did not realize they sell action pictures I thought that was just a gymnastic thing and candygrams I fell for the pictures of daughter in her mount a candygram and headband.
Daughter had a great time said it was much less stressful than a gymnastic meet and was happy to be with her school friends.. we also ran into a ton of other kids and their parents that we know from school and other activites. (The past few years in gymnastics my daughter was competing with only 1 or 2 girls and the meets could be lonely. We ran into a fromer teamate that we were really friendly with but kind of lost touch since the girls both left gymnastics in fact their were 2 other girls their also competing from my daughters orginal team ( with my daughter that makes 1/2 the orginal team their doing cheerleading. Also it was only ten minutes from my house.
After the competition daughter was complaining that her wrist and back hurt. I had taken her back to the doctor in the fall and they could not find anything specific but since she quit gymnastics I stopped worrying about it. I am alittle surprised since she only does a few backhandsprings and they only practice once a week that this is still bothering her. If it continues she will not be tumbling any more but because the cheer team is so low key she should be able to continue with out tumbling(only her and another girl on the team can tumbling everybody else just dances.
The next day she was able to do her champ swim meet also with her school team She would never be able to do that with gymnastics since the commitment was so great. Well she manged to place 1st in all her races which she was determined to do and I think I actually had a flashback of the determination and passion she used to have for gymnastics!
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Feb 26, 2007
Glad you survived. Hope the back and knee pain goes away quickly. It is always unsettling when pain rears it's ugly head.

Baby Bog has her first cheer comp on Sunday, will be interesting to see how that goes. The team practices on gym mats and will not get near a sprung floor until the meet. Hard to know what the tumbling will look like as they never really practice.

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Dec 23, 2006
Glad your dd is having a great time in her "post gymnastics" life. I agree she should back off the tumbling if the back and wrist pain continue. Congrats to her on the 1sts in swimming. Sounds like she's a busy girl.


Sounds like a great start. She enjoyed it and thought it less stressful. Sound like a winner. Well done to you both!
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