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Feb 15, 2008
Hi. I haven't been on for a while. Things got busy. Anyway...things are better at gym. Not perfect, but much better. It's less crowded and they added a new coach that has experience coaching elites. This coach has been a great addition! DD had an in house mock meet last week. She connected her bars (whew) and got the highest score for L6! She had a nice beam routine. Her only wobble was on the full turn. She nailed the BWO and dismount! Second highest score in her level. Middle of the pack on floor. Vault was very nice. Tied for third highest score there. She is very excited about competing this year, more so than any other year. It's nice to see that!


Sounds like a job well done, tell her to keep it up ! When is first meet ?
Feb 26, 2007
Nice to see you around again. It sounds as though your DD is more than ready for her season, she must be working hard.

Glad your gym situation has improved a bit, that makes everyone happier.


Sounds like she is doing great! Hope she has a super L6 season. We are right there w/ ya on all the L6 stuff...DD says she loves L6, it's great to hear your dd is pumped! I personally disliked this level most of all so far, but it's not my sport, which is a good thing! :)

DD is about to finish up her season w/ L6 States this weekend...I'll be glad to have a break from all the hype/stress of meets and the same old music/routines...:cool:


Wow - sounds like she is doing really well with level 6 and ready to get out there and compete :)
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