WAG We don't work split jumps in the gym - what should I do?

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We hardly ever work split jumps in the gym, because we are mixed gender.

I finally have my split jump and split leap and straddle jump to horizontal.
I practiced at home with ankle weights on the tramp and just doing them on my mat at home.
Now I have them consistently since one month.

I am scared I might lose them again if I don't continue practicing anymore.

Can you give me any tips how I should practice at home to keep them?
I thought about doing 10 of each 3 times a week?

10 split jumps
10 split leaps
10 straddle jumps
10 needle kicks
on the normal floor at home?

This is a little harder than on spring floor anyways.

Or should I do
more reps or everyday or continue jumping on the tramp with ankle weigths?

Hope ypu can help me!
What level are you? We practise leaps at least once a week and do a flex program every night. I decently recommend doing them at home if this is the case. Mabey do them on grass then on the flor boards. Or if you have a beach around you that would be good! :)
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