WHat days do you have gymnastics?

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Aug 22, 2009
New Hampshire
As the title says it all, what day do you all have gymnastics on??
I have gymnastics tonight! YAY I am soo excited!

I have gymnastics--

and sometimes Saturday.

Each practice is 3 hours long.
What about you guys?
Dec 24, 2008
During the summer I go Monday-5 hours Wednesday-6 hours and thursday-5 hours.
Once school starts I have gym Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,Friday all 4 hours long.


Mon - Fri 4 hours a day with an hour long private on Tues after class for the summer

When the fall schedule comes out then its M, W, F and Sat 4 hours each day + any privates we may do.


During summer (which it still is here), Beth goes M through F, 9-1.
During the school year (starts Sept 8th), she'll go M, T from 4-8, F from 3:30-7 and Sat from 8:30-1.
Aug 1, 2009
My dd starts fall hours this week and she will go

Tuesday 4 hours
Wednesday 3 hours
Thursday 2 hours
Friday 3 hours

Technically she should be going an additional 1 as a level 6, but she is also on Dance Company and goes to dance Monday 4 hours and Thursday 2 hours.


Jun 24, 2008
At school: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday- 2 hours each

At home: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday- 4 hours each

What's great is that I can accomplish the same things at both places; I'm not noticeably better on 16 hours than I am on 6. (To be fair, I do my conditioning and cardio outside of the gym at school, and I'm also not learning many skills at this point).
May 20, 2009
My daughter is still in preschool classes but I thought I'd go ahead and respond. :p She goes for 50 minutes on Mondays and then we do Open Gym once a week for 1-2 hours. When we move in October she'll either be doing a 55 minute class once a week or will be going twice a week for 2 hrs each day if she gets put on the pre-team at the new gym like she would have if we were staying here.
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