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What other activities does everyone participate in? I'm a varsity cheerleader, play violin, and am in French and International clubs. I also coach gymnastics twice a week.
cool! I've always said that I don't do sports with balls or defense! lol
I don't do sports with balls or defense either lol. I do gymnastics (no duh!), and track. Next year in high school I'm going to do cross country, diving and track along with gym of course. Oh I like rock climbing. But I'm not on like a rock climbing team or anything although they did want me and my friend to join their team after they saw how strong we are =]And then i do the normal things like sleep and eat and go to school and church and hang out with friends and im on the computer a lot but i dont think thats what you wanted to no
Another old thread rises from the dead...lol.

I play sports with balls but I'm only good at ones with big balls like soccer and basketball and volleyball. Tennis, softball, not so much. Right now I play soccer for my school varsity team and I run track (distance).

I'm also on school newspaper staff, in National Honor Society, History club (have to be in it to go on the cool overnight out-of-state trips!), and i'm student council president for my grade.

This summer I'm going to take a tumbling class, and at some point I really want to try martial arts but I don't have time now.
Everyone is so busy!! I only dive and i'll be coaching the optionals in the summer.

Last year on the other hand. I did gymnastics (level 10), diving(club and high school), track(high school), and I swam on my high school team.

But I dive from 8:30am-3:30pm 6 days a week in the summer.. that's bout it.

I miss doing gymn and all the other activities, but my body made me make a choice. There just aren't enough hours in the day!!
I used to juggle professionally. I still practice occasionally, but I don't do shows anymore.

Most of my time not spent coaching or training is spent working on music. My career as a freelance composer (see sig) seems to be getting off the ground, and I also occasionally do songs for OCRemix.
Thats awesome that you juggle, Geoffrey Taucer.

That reminds me... I do have a unicycle. I think my uncle gave it to me for my 11th birthday? I'm 14 now. I'm not great at riding it cuz I never practice but someday maybe I'll ride it on the beam lol. Most people don't believe me when I tell them I have a unicycle.
Thats certainly a unique thing to do. How old were you when you started juggling and what made you decide to get into it?

My cousin taught me the basics of 3-ball juggling when I was 9 or 10, and for awhile I didn't do much more than that. Then when I was a freshman in highschool, I had a math teacher who was a juggler, and he's the one who really got me into the higher-level stuff. That's when I started picking up more complex patterns, working on higher numbers, as well as other objects like clubs and torches. I started doing it professionally that summer, and continued until shortly after I graduated highschool. It also helped that one of my best friends in school was into it nearly as much as I was. I was actually approaching a couple of world records by the end of senior year.

After I graduated, I was much more busy coaching and I had little contact with my juggling buddies, so I haven't really juggled as much since then.
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