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  1. B

    WAG Any replacement skills for free hip handstand in level 9?

    I am looking to add bonus to my bar routine, although I could do a free hip handstand mine are very weak and I'd like to look for something better. I know I could do a stalder or toe up to handstand but are there any options that are similar besides those 3? Thanks!
  2. B

    Coaches Do I need a free hip handstand in my level 9 bar routine?

    I'm coming from a small gym where we have never competed in DP before (I'm petitioning in) so it's been hard to understand all of the rules and requirements perfectly. Currently my bar routine is Kip, handstand, pak salto, kip, handstand 1/2 pirouette, kip, jump to high, kip, handstand, giant...
  3. Alex Gold

    Coaches Handstand Roll to Forward Roll Connection (and others)

    Hey all! In the "Handstand Roll to Forward Roll" connection, are they meant to stand up fully between them or just raise up to a crouch from the handstand roll and then roll out of that? For the cartwheel into backwalkover, do they land on both feet in the cartwheel, then put feet together...
  4. superNova08

    WAG HS routine composition

    Does anyone know what the norm is in terms of skills for hs gymnastics? I'm in Illinois if that helps. Skills I currently have: Floor FHS FHS step-out RO Punch front step out RO Punch front Front pike Working RO-BT with spot into pit off rod floor Double pirouette Single wolf Split leap...
  5. M

    Off Topic Cant balance handstand, any helpful tips?

    Hi, literally ive been practicing handstand for 2years.. and not progressing at all. I can maintain handstand against the wall.. and can hold it for minutes, i have plenty of strength in my upper body and core. but as soon as i move my feet away from wall i fall.. whether backwards or forwards...
  6. X

    WAG Hs gymnastics vs club

    Hi, I was wondering how competitive high school gymnastics and are the requirements for Jv and varsity. I heard from a lot of that high school gymnastics is like a high level rec team and is really laid back. Also does varsity gymnastics get as much hype as the other sports. How would high...
  7. G

    WAG Cast to Handstand

    I would like to try to improve my cast to handstand, but there are other things I need to work on at practice, and I don't have time to practice these. I do have mats, an airtrack, a beam, and a small bar at home. Is there any drills or anything I can do with this equipment to improve my cast to...
  8. J

    Coaches Handstand on rings

    Hello, adult gymnast here. Most of my gymnastics skill are at a very basic level, but since I practice handbalancing on its own my handstands are relatively advanced (can hold for 60s on floor or parallettes, can straddle press and inconsistently pike press). I would like to approach handstand...
  9. AYEMama

    WAG Help with Stalder Press Handstands

    My gymnast is having a very difficult time getting her press handstand. She is Level 7 and has won Regionals, always places 1st or 2nd, etc., so we don't think it's a matter of lack of training. She used to be able to do it when she was level 4, but has since lost it. She is the only one on her...
  10. ReluctantGymMom

    WAG Is there a reason to do HS BHS vs BWO BHS?

    Just out of curiosity! At one of our gym locations everyone is training BWO BHS for series, at another they’re all training HS BHS. Mine will do either HS BHS or BHS BHS, she doesn’t do BWO so literally just curious on gym philosophies? Is there a reason why some coaches would choose one series...
  11. M

    WAG Round Off: Handstand?

    One of my friends helping me with round off says, its like 3 steps, 1) first going into a cartwheel phase 2) in the middle, you go into the "Handstand" 3) finally, snap your feet down into a hollow Is the middle step correct? Do you enter a true handstand in the round off?
  12. XcelGymFamily

    Parents Gymnastics after HS

    My DD is a rising freshman in HS, and is an Xcel Platinum. She knows that is is very unrealistic for her to do gymnastics in college, as there is no way she could get to Lvl 9/10 in 4 years. But she wants to be competing in the sport after high school, what are her options?
  13. M

    WAG how to get free hip to handstands - drills/tips

    I have my free hips I just want to make them a little better and to handstand
  14. E

    Coaches Back Extension Roll to Handstand Troubleshooting

    Fair warning, I am old(!)- and when I was a gymnast we couldn't shift our hands in the HS. I started coaching about 2 years ago, and I have heard and seen different things. Can the gymnast shift their hands from turned in once in handstand? What are good ways to troubleshoot arch-y backs...
  15. G

    WAG Handstand Question for the Judges

    For the judges out there, my friend and I are coming up with unique mounts for next season and I came up with a pretty cool mount. I'll spare you all the details but basically, I stand up on one leg and go through an arabesque into a handstand. If I do a handstand out of that (not out of a...
  16. annakat

    WAG Handstand shape

    My handstands are pretty archy, anyone have tips on how to tighten them?
  17. G

    Coaches How to fix this handstand shape

    I have a young compulsory gymnast, who has a "weird" handstand shape. I only really paid attention to it recently. Her shoulder blades are touching each other in the handstand. I'll add a picture here: https://ibb.co/sPy9pfx Do you know why she is doing it this way? She can't correct it in...
  18. M

    WAG Handstands against the wall: Scoot hands away safely

    I am doing handstands against a wall. I heard that with head facing away from wall, I can scoot my hands away from the wall to get a good stretch and build strength. Question is how far can I scoot the hands away from the wall, while it being a safe exercise? 1 feet , 2 feet, or even more? Is...
  19. M

    WAG Handstand 'hidden' secret muscles

    When I do a handstand, I should as gymnast coach taught 1) Squeeze contract the abs 2) Squeeze the glutes 3) actively pushing shoulder &straight forearms into ground Are there any other hidden/secret muscle movements I am missing?
  20. M

    WAG Handstand Pushup Progression

    I am doing handstand pushups. What is a good way to increase progression of handstand pushups without using a weight vest? I am open to suggestions using a wall, or not against a wall. Thanks,