What to put in your Gym bag?

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Okay well i want to know what am i supposed to put in my gym bag?
because i cant think what to put in there!
This is usually what I put in my gym bag:
  • Socks
  • Inhaler (Asthma)
  • Crackers (After practice)
  • Couple of Dollars (Just in Case)
  • Bottle of Water
  • Tape and Pre-Wrap (You Never Know)
  • Crystal Light Packet (For the Water)
Hope I helped you out! ;)

Gymnast ♥
put a pair of nail clippers in there in case of rips. If you have them then you will never need them, but if you don't have them then you will need them
Gym Bag! What Do You Put

I Put Water,Bandages,Socks,And Money And A Few Other Things What Do YOu Put In There?
what you should put in your gym bag is...

: Two pairs of grips & wristbands you never know & rubber bands you never know!!!!!
: Nail clippers & those mini gymnastics scissors
: A water bottle(propel is what i like because it gives me more energy and has a better taste)
: A good healthful snack for energy and make sure high in protein so like a protein bar
: A couple hair bands and beretts and a hairbrush
: an extra leotard because you never know
: those tight gymnastics shorts
: underwear lol i know
: i know this might be weird but if you have started certain puberty if you know what i mean have pads
Wrist bands to wear with your grips
Straps for straps bar
Old socks to wear with your straps
A drink bottle
perhaps a small snack like a fruit bar or a banana
A towel to wipe down if you are very sweaty
Your clothes to change into when you are finished class
A notebook to write down things your coach tells you like what to practise and things you need to remember
Some deoderant which is often desprately needed midway through your workout for many kids
Strapping tape
Band aids
Scissors for your strapping tape
No need to flip out, bogwoppit...

I put in:

Bandages and tape
A book (I never read it of course... But I always have one lol)
One or two dollars (In case I'm still hungry and have to turn to the vending machine :p)
A shirt
Scrunchies and other hair stuff

...And whatever else I feel like bringing xD
-tiger paws
-extra leo
-extra shorts
-underwear(you never know when your going to randomly go to someones house :p)
-hair ties
-tampons(you never know when someone might need one)
-nail clippers
-pumus stone
-water bottle
haha i dont keep all that stuff in mine but those are just somethings i thought of that would be usefull to have in your gym bag haha
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