Working out after bunion surgery??

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Oct 19, 2008
New York
Hey Guys!
Im getting bunion surgery in a week :eek: and im uber excited (and kinda scared) EXCEPT...
i cant go to gym for about 4 months :(
As many of u already know, I am just starting, but the LAST thing i want to do is lose all of what i learned and the strength that I have started to build...
I have to stay off my feet for 4 weeks, can start wearing regular shoes from 4-6 weeks i can start light cardio at 6-8 weeks i think
I have no idea how I can stay fit after not being active for 6-8 weeks and not having to start all over again
When I get the go ahead from my doctor, I want to be able to jump right back into gymnastics (and pole vaulting)!
Is this unrealistic?
Any ideas on staying fit when u cant use ur feet??


lots & lots of abs.. you can work your core muscles and do things like chin ups.


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Sep 4, 2008
I agree CORE, CORE CORE! Sit ups, V-ups, supermans, twisting sit ups, etc.

You can do hand weights to work your arms and shoulders. There is also that strength putty to work your hands. To work your legs try leg lifts on the floor add ankle weights for more challange.

To get cardio, does a local health club have a pool? Swimmimg is a GREAT no impact whole body work out.

You will be back on your feet in no time.


Dec 16, 2007
Ontario, Canada
you will have abs of steel after this lol

like the others were saying you can try all types of sit ups
1. so you don't get bored of the same old ha
and 2. so you're working all of your ab muscles
(ie do the situps to the side, middle, other side)
and then as you recover more and your feet hurt less you can work up to pike ups (v-ups) and "tuck-ups". I don't know exactly what tuck ups are actually called, but it's like a pike-up accept tucked. and if you know what sitting tucks they are pretty much the same accept you use your whole body (starting from laying flat on your back
and then you can eventually do those to both sides and to the middle. Trust me they hurt, and i hear tuck ups and sitting tucks work all of your ab muscles.
you could also lay on your sides and back and do leg lifts to work your hip flexors (if that doesn't hurt your feet) of my teamates actually has bunions and will have to get surgery soon too
It shouldn't be too hard getting your skills back after that amount of time (especially if you keep conditioning)
I've heard of gymnasts (aka another teammate) who quit gym when she was i think 9, came back 6 years later and pretty quickly got most of her skills back, so you should be fine.
Good luck with the surgery and recovering!


I'm sure youll jump right back in fo sho =D
Really since I have nothing to add to this core excercise stuff, I'd say swimming is a REALLY good idea =D
Best of luck!!!


Oct 19, 2008
New York
Thanks so much guys!
Im gonna have rock solid abs by the time i get back =D
And i think i might try swimming if the swim coach at my school lets me swim but not be on the team =P
and my mom said shes gonna get me a pullup bar, so I can work on my upper body strength too!
surgery is on friday the 19th! (this friday!)
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