Yao bars move

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Wow good thing she is so little and her coach is able to catch her! That could be tragic!
AWESOME catch..... He is the reason she can do that skill.
pretty much a dead skill/swing going in that direction. no low bar to follow with something. but you could not do it the other way cause the low bar is in the way of the tap. that would be a "Mo-Splat".

coachp, it's a Gaylord 2. but Tony Pineda actually did it before Mitch unofficially. Gaylord 1 is the Geinger over the top of the bar. of course CoachP knows that, but that factoid is for the rest of you.
I can't resist..... Hey, what's up with finishing such a packed set with a watered down dismount....

I don't "get out" much these days, but that's the best set of Healy work I've ever seen.
I can't resist..... Hey, what's up with finishing such a packed set with a watered down dismount....

Because their gym doesn't have pits? Which after all aren't really necessary ;) Could be why the coach is such a great catch as well...
So what is it you're saying......:D That he catches well :confused: or that he'd be a great catch :) if you get what I mean....:p

And I do love your veiled pit reference. Or was that a vile "pit preference?"
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Pretty sure the Geinger over the top is called the Gaylord 2. Double front is Gaylord, or Gaylord 1. Either way, i remember Tony, I actually got to workout with him once at UCLA, 1987, very very strong. He almost had that victorian cross. .
What was that somersault move over the bar that Yao of China did? Was it original??

not original. some obscure North Korean female gymnast did one of these in the 80's. this was the era when the Chinese attempted to do 1 arm giants and 1 arm catch geingers, but the FIG wouldn't have it.

Mitch actually competed the Geinger over the top for the distinction of the Gaylord 1 at the US Sports festival in 1982. then Tony performed the Jaeger over the top representing Mexico in an international meet later that year and then Mitch performed the same after Tony, maybe 1983. and i might be off a few months. remember, this is when you actually had to compete in an Olympic or World meet to get something named after you. here is another one of Tony at Worlds. he does both the Gaylord 1 AND the first rendition of a full twisting Kovacs, but they call it the Pineda. at 7:25 in the 2nd video, you see Mitch at the OG just competing the G1. if my memory serves, Abie and Art took out the 2 cause he kept hitting his shins. there were a ton of things being done during that era that never got credited correctly. like the triple back on floor.

and another obscure, only time it's been done, skill. thought you might enjoy this one. Alexis Brion back in 95. double full in on floor.

^^^ @dunno
At 7:25 in the second video...they call it a Gaylord 2. Are you saying that the announcer is wrong and the Gienger over the top is a Gaylord 1?

Same with the video below...

that may have been confusing. i confuse myself. Mitch actually performed the Geinger over BEFORE the Jaeger. some will call each the other depending how old they go back.

like Pineda, some call it the Kollman, but old coaches call it the Pineda. understand?

here is Mitch at 84 Championships (before it was called Visa's) at :34. that's Yefim Furman under the bar spotting. what's great about this video is you can see the Gaylord barani out that follows Mitch and the next guy after doing the "counter Kim" years before Kim actually performed it. i had to throw that in there that everything the girls do on bars was done years before by the men with the exception of the Shaposh variations. :)

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also JBS, i haven't looked at the code lately to see what they officially call that stuff specifically.

some people think that Liukin was the first to triple. Gogoladze actually was. but the first official triple? Nellie Kim, Moscow News, on a mat floor and she face planted.

i'll look for this in my files, it's there somewhere. just like the video i have of the streaking that took place at NCAA meets...:)
I'm getting the wrong video in the post above...still getting the double full in back out...which is cool.
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