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  1. Gym mama

    Parents ACL brace after surgery

    My daughter has been cleared to start the long journey back to gymnastics after surgery to repair ACL/Meniscus. Her surgeon says she must wear a brace when she gets back to the gym. I've been researching athletic braces and I'm looking for feedback between a Donjoy or an Osssur brace and...
  2. N

    Parents ACL graft

    For those of you who have had a daughter get successful ACL reconstruction, what type of graft did she have- patellar tendon, hamstring, or quadricep? My daughter is a 17 y.o. level 10 gymnast. Of course, I will be getting advice from the doctor but wanted to know any advantages/disadvantages...
  3. Empowered

    Orozco Out of Rio - Torn ACL

    Absolutely heartbroken from this man. Leyva named as replacement.
  4. O

    WAG Torn ACL & Torn Meniscus

    DD saw the orthopedic surgeon today and has both a complete tear of her ACL and a partial tear of the meniscus (we knew about the meniscus tear but the ACL tear came as a surprise). Surgery is scheduled in two weeks. She's handling it pretty well considering her season (level 8 and high...
  5. Gymnast@<3


    alright so it turns out i did tear it, now heres the dealio. i had surgery ten days ago, and im already walking on it without anything. so no brace or anything... is that normal, even though isnt doesnt hurt, is there a chance i screwed it up??
  6. Gymnast@<3

    WAG URGENT- torn ACL, but im fine

    alright i need advice i tore my ACL, like completely, but the thing is im fine. im walking, running jumping, and im trying to convince my trainer to let me warm up and do bars. i know sounds stupid, but i know myself well enough to know my limits. i tried it out, i can do front walkovers...
  7. All Chalked Up

    WAG ACL and MCL tear

    Has anyone (or their gymnasts or children) ever experienced tear(s)/partial tear(s) of the ACL and/or MCL knee ligaments? How long did it take to recover to full strength, and what was rehab like? I'm terrified that I will never return to gymnastics, or if I do return it will never be at full...
  8. K

    WAG ACL tear common in twisting?

    I know many gymnasts who tore their ACL when they started doing layout fulls. As I work in a gym, I have also seen some tears on vault as well when the girls were doing tsuks and yuris! Are ACL tears really that common when it comes to twisting and vaulting or is it just a coincidence that I...
  9. ivyagogo

    ACL Question

    Two years ago I tore my ACL. I am an older gymnast (43 - ugh) so my situation my not apply to those youngins out here. Here's my question. I'm all healed now and my doctor is happy with my progress. Sometimes when I tumble, especially with roundoffs, I tend to land with that knee hyper...
  10. froggythegymnast

    getting back on BB after ACL injury?

    Im getting back on BB after i hurt my ACL in January and my coach is making me re-learn everything that i lost on beam. Yesturday i was doing Cartwheels and the begining was good but when i would land it i will fall off beam or try to get my balance. its usually a 50/50 sometime i make it but...
  11. Crystalflipz

    Emily's first meet since her ACL repair is finally here!

    I'm looking for lots and lots of "good luck" and "be safe" wishes for tomorrow afternoon. After blowing out her knee last February and having ACL reconstruction surgery in April, Emily has toughed it out and will be competing in our club's first meet of the season. She will be competing bars...
  12. J

    Tore my ACL and more

    Hi, I'm a level 10 gymnast. Sadly, I tore my ACL, MCL, and meniscus dismounting beam two weeks ago. :( I've seen three growth plates aren't quite closed which is an issue. I might have surgery as soon as Christmas. I know others have had this type of injury. Can you give me any...
  13. gymnafreak

    Super good news for the torn ACL!!

    So i got cleared to start working back over 4-6 weeks! Its only been 3 months since my surgery and thats amazing!! Ok, so i'll start at the beginning. For those who don't know, i tore my ACL the week before westerns, tried to compete but it gave out on beam (first event) and that was the end...
  14. ivyagogo

    ACL Surgery

    I'm having surgery next Friday to reconstruct my knee which I blew out after finally getting my layout full at 41. It's been a tough 7 weeks so far not being able to tumble. I can use all the good vibes I can get. Here is a link to my recovery blog: Torn ACL - Gymnastics - My Story...
  15. gymnafreak

    ACL recovery update!

    So its been 4 weeks and a couple days since i had surgery and everything is going well as far as i can see. I've been walking without crutches or a brace for a couple weeks now and my knee is feeling like it can hold its own and its feeling a little more normal. It doesn't hurt hardly ever and...
  16. nicci1999

    Torn ACL

    Has anyone had a torn ACL? What was the surgery and recovery like, and the bigger thing, how long before returning to gymnastics occurred? I am tentatively slated for surgery beginning-middle of June, and know its going to take quite a bit of rehab, but I was just wondering other people's...
  17. MdGymMom01

    Shawn Johnson - Torn ACL and Meniscus

    Heal quickly Shawn!!! Shawn Johnson Torn ACL and Meniscus
  18. B

    Parents Why are ACL Injuries More Common in Females?

    This is valuable information for female athletes: Dr Marshall - Girls ACL Injuries Anterior Cruciate Tears in Young Athletes ? Why is this Injury More Common in Females?