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  1. D

    Gymnasts Aerial

    hi i got my aerial about 2 days ago and i cant seem to get it every time i try what should i do?
  2. alwaystumbling

    Gymnasts bent legs in aerial

    i have been able to do an aerial since november last year, gymnastics is my first and only sport and i’ve been doing it since july last year. at the end of my aerial, no matter what i try, i always bent my landing leg in the middle and i don’t know why. and it stays bent the rest of the aerial...
  3. gymnasticky

    WAG Xcel silver floor - running entry into aerial?

    For Xcel silver floor, it seems like an aerial can be used to satisfy the flight skill pass. I am wondering whether it matters how the gymnast enters into the aerial. For example, does it matter if they have a running start, a short hurdle, or do a standing aerial? Does the entry into the aerial...
  4. G

    WAG Aerial Deductions

    I was just wondering, it is a deducted in an aerial to have bent out arms instead of having them straight out to the side?
  5. iLUVgymnastics:)

    WAG Can an aerial be a xcel gold tumbling pass

    For xcel gold can you do an aerial as a tumbling pass of do you need 2 connected flight skills?
  6. Anonymous Post

    Anon Front vs side aerial: Which is easier?

    My daughter is working on getting some salto skills for her floor routine. She is already working on front tucks and needs two so wants to work on either a side or front aerial. She has a flexible back but since she cartwheels with her bad split leg, side aerials are more challenging for her...
  7. aerial123

    WAG Side aerial help? Keep falling on my knee!!!

    Hi, former cheerleader/acro dancer here. I used to have a really good side aerial. I'm trying to regain it on the ground again and I've definitely made some progress. I keep falling on my knee though. Here is a link to a video, please let me know how I can actually land it (please be specific).
  8. B

    Coaches Free (aerial) cartwheel to front support beam mount

    Hi I would like to teach the Free aerial cartwheel to support mount on beam... I was hoping someone would have some drill videos to assist with this please. Thanks in advance.
  9. tooL62as

    WAG Front aerial

    I know a gymnast who is having trouble with her front aerial. She has her side aerial. It seems that she is not arching her back enough. Any tips for her, she really wants to get it.
  10. emmagraced31

    WAG Front aerial help

    Hi, I’m a dancer and I’ve been working on getting my front aerial on the ground... my back is very flexible and can arch a lot but for some reason when I attempt my front aerial my back doesn’t arch and my hips close which makes no sense cause I’m very flexible and I have a solid front...
  11. G

    Aerial and back handspring problems and press handstand

    I have tried very hard for the past few months to get my my aerial and back handspring and press handstand. I used to be able to do a back handspring and aerial but now I can't. I've watched a lot of tutorials. any tips? im 8 years old
  12. S

    Side aerial help

    Hello all! I’ve had my side aerial for years now, but in the past few months my side aerial landings have been off. What happens is when I land my back leg swings to the side causing me to twist. I’ve been trying to keep my hips square but it keeps happening. Does anyone have any tips or drills?
  13. Ballet

    WAG Aerial pls help

    I'm required to get my aerial by April 6th but I cant do a pop cartwheel I'm so annoyed and have to Many mental blocks that today I just broke down and cried please help
  14. emmagraced31

    WAG Hyperextending knee in front aerial

    Today I was at the cheer gym I go to working on front aerials on the tumble track onto the big pillow mat. This is the first time I’ve ever worked on front aerials. so I was doing them and at first wasn’t landing them then towards the end I started doing them and I kinda landed on my heal and...
  15. emmagraced31

    WAG Side Aerial struggles

    Hi everyone! In the beginning of the summer I got my side Aerial and then lost it. Now I have it but I keep putting one elbow down when I land it and no one can figure out what I’m doing wrong! It’s really frustrating cause I have my side Aerial but whenever I do it I bruise my elbow it’s just...
  16. A

    i need help with my side aerial

    Hi i have been doing gymnastics for 4 years and having a side aerial is my dream but i guess i wont be able to do achieve my dream :( I have a good cartwheel, one handed cartwheel and a pop cartwheel but when it comes to diving into cartwheel or approaching an aerial my heart starts palpitating...
  17. emmagraced31

    WAG Trouble landing my Aerial

    Hey guys! I'm a dancer and a former gymnast! a few months ago I got my side aerial but then lost it from not practicing. Ever since I have been working really hard trying to get it back! I finally can do it off a panel mat folded up but can't seem to land it without one elbow going down and...
  18. B

    Side Aerial help

    I'm pretty close to my side aerial, here's a recent video of it. I wanted some opinions on whether or not I have enough height to safely land it. Upon watching it I feel like I do but I keep putting my hand down because somehow I'm convinced I'm gonna blow up my knee if I don't...
  19. Vaasu

    Side Aerial Form

    hey guys, would love some tips on fixing side aerial form, any advice/criticism at all would be appreciated! Will attach the video link below! Thank you! (Sorry about the quality, youtube doesn’t like apples slow motion feature)
  20. Q

    Side aerial help

    So, the problem is not that i keep on putting my hands down, it is I keep on landing on the side of my leg, i can't seem to land on my feet. If i try to rotate faster, i will always accidentally toss myself into the air even faster and land on the side of my leg even harder and more painful Any...

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