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  1. Anonymous Post

    Anon Back layout xcel gold??

    Can an xcel gold do a back layout instead of a back tuck? Would that count as the skill without hands?
  2. Floragym

    Back layout drills

    I’m looking for some drills to improve my back layout because it’s not the best and I really want it to be better. One of the main problems is that Im not getting my hips all the way around and throwing my head back at the beginning of my layout.
  3. G

    Back Layout Tips & Diving

    Okay, so I have two questions... 1. I have been doing back tucks for a bit now at gymnastics practice. Lately, I’ve been focusing on spotting and it has gotten really good. I’ve had no experience whatsoever working layouts of any kind. Now, my diving coach (I do diving as well) would like...
  4. D

    Back layout help

    I’m currently learning how to do a back layout and I have it pretty good on the tumble trak but when it comes to doing it on the rod floor I always pike or tuck out of my layout because I get scared that I don’t set high enough even though I have a very high set. Any tips to help me get through...
  5. nickibinds

    Coaches Side Aerial + Back Layout Step-Out Beam Feet Placement

    Hello, coaches! I have a question about the feet placement during a side aerial (D) + back layout step-out (C) connection on beam. More specifically, if you have a lefty gymnast which foot should be in front at the end of the side aerial/take-off for the layout step-out, and which foot should...
  6. K

    WAG back tuck vs whip back vs back layout

    I have my RO BH BT on spring floor and I can do it on the grass too. I have never tried a back layout or whip back. Is it a big step to go from a back tuck to a layout/whip back? For me, this seems impossible! I think I might get it on tumbl trak easily, but on spring floor/grass I can't...
  7. B

    Coaches Back layout on floor

    What causes the back layout to burn out (slow down and almost stop rotation) over the top when doing RO backhandspring layout on floor. I know the answer to a lot of these post but I really love hearing other coaching tips and info just in case I need to look for other stuff.
  8. Adelita.19

    Back layout full twist

    Does anyone have any tips for a back layout full twist? I can do a half one alright but I can't twist fast enough for a full one
  9. Ari97

    WAG help with back layout half twist please?

    So I'm trying to learn a back layout half twist but I'm having trouble twisting! I can do like half of a half. I've looked online and I found something that said a good drill is to do a backhandspring but when your vertical in the air you twist, I'm also having trouble with that too. Anyone...
  10. htimcj

    WAG How get the pike out of the back layout?

    So DD is doing RO BHS BLO and she gets around ok and has good height but the landing is some what piked. What do you do to fix this? I have no intention of coaching her or helping her myself. I am just curious. I don't really know the mechanics of this skill. I am thinking that perhaps she...
  11. M

    WAG back handspring back layout step out

    Hi. My daughter is having a little trouble doing her bhs back layout step out on beam. She always has trouble keeping squared on the beam. At level 8 she had so much trouble doing bhs, bhs and sticking it. She always came out of it crooked and fell off beam. So her coach modified her beam and...
  12. 5StarNinjaXx

    Back Layout help?

    I'm aware that I posted a question about my back layout before but my question is a little different this time. On with the question: So my back layouts are more of a whip than a layout. I can't seem to get a high enough set for the layout. My coach said that I'm throwing my shoulders back. Not...
  13. 5StarNinjaXx

    Low back layout?

    Hi, another question from me. Haha. Anyways, it's about my back layout on floor. I know that I don't have a video of it so it might be a little complicated to help, but I have a fast round off BHS and when I do my back tucks I have a high set but when it comes to doing a layout I just can't seem...
  14. V

    Height for Back Layout

    Another dumb question from me -- how high does a level 7 layout need to be? DD has her layout and is being told she has great in-air body form, but they'd like to see it higher. She's being instructed to throw her arms harder (my words not hers). To my completely untrained eye it looks...
  15. 2

    Back layout with a full twist or more

    My dd is relearning her back full (to ultimately do more than a full, hopefully this coming season). Our new gym uses a different technique for twisting compared to our old gym. This seems like a big pain in the neck but must be a big deal since they are willing to start over. Old gym had dd...
  16. M

    Back layout half/full help

    I'm level 7 and I'm having trouble getting my (back) half. I can't seem to figure out how to twist:confused:. Any ideas?
  17. P

    Back layout...B or A??

    I currently have a RO BHS full, front tuck front tuck and RO BHS back layout as my passes for level 8. I also have a switch leap into a wolf jump and a 1 1/2 turn. Am I missing a B?? Thanks. :)
  18. M

    Help! Back layout!

    I've been struggling for a long time with my back tumbling. We've been doing a LOT of work on the basics and I've got a pretty good round-off back-handspring now, and a better back tuck. My problem is that I can barely get my layout around and it goes too far back instead of up. Sometimes the...
  19. C

    Back layout stepouts on beam

    Hi, Could anyone please offer some tips on how to improve BHS layout stepouts on beam? I'm having trouble getting my chest up at the end. I think about setting first and bringing my arms up for the takeoff, but it seems like no matter how hard I throw it on the floor, my head is still low to...
  20. S

    Back Layout Drills/advice

    At my gym we are having a really hard time with out optional level gymnasts with back layouts. Every single one of them either throws their head or chest backwards instead of setting up. We constantly correct them and they know what they need to do, they just cant seem to get their bodys to do...