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  1. M

    Parents Canadian Gym parent - Xcel vs Compulsory

    I'm sure this has been asked ad nauseum so I do apologize. My daughter is Silver Xcel, this will be her second year competing. We do like her gym, she likes her gym, but every once in a while she comes home and says things that make me question whether or not the Xcel kids get the same...
  2. E

    WAG Moving to Canada - High Level Toronto Area Gyms?

    My husband is being transferred to Toronto - we currently are at a high level gym in the states. My daughter will be a 12yo L9 (2023-24 season). She has her sights on competing in college so looking for gyms that have an established program for higher level athletes. We don't have a residence...
  3. R

    Parents Canadian meet scores?

    I asked this question in a slightly different way last year but am still trying to figure it out. I have a friend in Canada who has a daughter just starting out. She is trying to figure out if her gym will be competitive in the upper levels if her kid continues in that direction. I could point...
  4. A

    Parents Would you move your gymnast to Canada?

    My husband works for a Toronto-based company that wants to promote him, and they prefer we move up there (though they are willing to work with a commuting situation). We are currently in New York City. Obviously USA women's gymnastics dominates globally, and we have the developmental programs to...
  5. X

    NCAA Acro and tumbling colleges in Canada

    Are there any acro and tumbling colleges in Canada?

    WAG help please, looking for an invitational in April close to Canada

    Hello everyone, Our club is looking to attend an invitational for the girls to participate, We are from Canada and meets are rare this year. Level 9 or 10 but if possible , the club would rather like to have something that showcases hopes, junior and senior elite category... to prepare their...
  7. R

    Parents Canadian gymnastics

    I have a Canadian friend (Ontario) who is interested in having her daughter do competitive gymnastics- she's currently in a rec program. This friend has asked me a number of questions about gymnastics programs, but I'm not sure if the system is the same as the US. Does Canada do Xcel and the...
  8. D

    Why do Canadian gymnasts compete in USA college gymnastics?

    I just noticed some of the top Canadian gymnasts compete in college gymnastics in the US. Does Canada not have college gymnastics?
  9. Bug's mom

    Canadian Champiomships results (JO, Novice)

    Would anyone know where we can find Canadian Championships results for JO and Novice in near real-time? GCG's directive mentioned they would be available as judging happened (25th-27th) and I see the Sr/Jr results were generated by Livemeet but there is nothing in Livemeet for the June...
  10. B

    Age category changes - Gymnastics Ontario and Gymnastics Canada

    I'm pretty new to the competitive gymnastics world. My son, born in Sept 2010, is having his first competitive season this year. Last year, under Gymnastics Ontario rules, we was considered a 7 year old, since his age as of August 31st, 2018 was 7 (this was the cutoff date). Being considered...
  11. S

    Newby from Canada

    My 10 year old grandson is a new competitive gymnast. He has been in the competitive category since Sept. 2018, experiencing pain re developmental, strengthening, etc. But consistently complains of severe stomach pain. I thought I'd look around to see if there was group / forum out there to...
  12. claudidoll

    Full Time Opportunity In Newfoundland Canada

    Full time positions in beautiful new facility on the east coast of Canada
  13. P

    WAG 3rd Canadian Coach suspended after sexual assault allegations While I’m SO glad that victims are feeling brave enough to start speaking out, the fact that this is the third in less than three months leaves me feeling uneasy. How many more do we not...
  14. T

    WAG Charges against Canada’s national womem’s team director
  15. Mom2Chickadee

    High Performance Gymnasts in Canada

    I've noticed in our area that this term is being used more frequently for young, extremely talented gymnasts who, once old enough, will no doubt be national level athletes. However, I was under the impression that HP athletes were national level athletes 11 years or older who qualified HP at...
  16. AmethystJayne

    Canadian Gym Comp Coach

    Women’s Artistic Permanent Full-Time Competitive Coach (Saskatoon, Canada) The Marian Gymnastics Club is the oldest gymnastics club in Saskatchewan celebrating more than 50 years of excellence. Marian is an organisation that is run by a group of enthusiastic and experienced staff. Marian is...
  17. CanadianDad

    Greetings From Canada

    Hello! I just found out about this forum yesterday and have been reading through the threads all day today. My daughter, who just turned 7 last week, started gymnastics in September and is now training with the competitive team at our local club. My background is in competitive baseball and...
  18. Bug's mom

    Canadian girls qualifying for US regionals?

    Quick caveat before I ask this question...I'm doing so on behalf of our group of not-always-CGM just out of curiosity, and not with any expectations that this becomes a real thing. Coach has suggested that the girls will do a few US meets next year (we're thinking 2, maybe 3?) and we were...
  19. AmethystJayne

    Canadian Program Manager

    I just saw that Gymnastics Canada Gymnastique is looking for two program mangers.
  20. blue_5678

    Leotards in Canada

    Are there any Canadian leotard companies? Or some American ones with reasonable shipping to Canada? Every time I try to order one from plum, gk, etc the shipping end up being almost as much as the leotard!