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    Coaches Tuition for your own child

    Does anyone have a child on team where you are also a team coach? I don’t coach my own child anymore since she’s moved out of my group but I’m wondering if anyone who is a coach gets a break on tuition? I’m still paying full price for everything. Occasionally I’ll get a leotard from the pro shop...
  2. A

    Anon If you could go backwards and start your child’s gymnastics career over

    For those of you who have daughters who have been in the gym for awhile, if you could go back and start your daughters gymnastics career over, would you choose xcel or JO? My daughter is currently xcel but has an opportunity to go JO level 4 or go platinum. For reference, she is 9 years old. She...
  3. Anonymous Post

    Anon How often do your share your child’s accomplishments on your own social media

    I’m curious how often people share about gymnastics meets and placements on their own social media accounts (not social media for recruitment purposes). I have friends who post after every meet, including videos of routines. How often do you think people actually want to see posts related to...
  4. JBS

    Parents Child Development Education for Coaches? (Thoughts & Resources)

    Does anyone know of any child development training that a gymnastics club could put coaches through? It could be anything from Youtube videos to an online paid certification. The only thing it can't really be is a college course. What are your thoughts on the subject of coach eduction in...
  5. S

    Parents Why My Child Does Gymnastics and Why I Love Watching Her

    Lately I have been beginning to entertain thoughts of a possible gym change for my daughter. When I asked her how she would feel her approach was really “Eh… but would I still get to do gymnastics?” Then we have a meet next year that our family just can’t afford. It looks like her whole small...
  6. Anonymous Post

    Anon Why did your child start gymnastics?

    Why did your child start gymnastics? What inspired them to keep going? And what are some good impacts it can do in someones life?
  7. Anonymous Post

    Anon Bad coaching or sensitive child?

    Hi all. Posting anon as I don't know who from my gym might see this and I'm just not sure if I'm handling correctly. Background: we're in our 2nd year of competing. DD did very, very well last year and was moved up a level and her coach also moved up to HC of the new level. We really like this...
  8. S

    Parents Educating Myself about USAG when Child is at a Small Gym

    Hi everyone - My daughter and I love her gym and coaches dearly. We are in a small town and at a very small gym. Our gym is young and has not produced any high level athletes yet. My daughter and her friend are the first to come up through this gym from the start. I have been active on these...
  9. D

    Coaches Coaching ideas for teaching a child with autism

    Hello I am currently trying to find ideas for coaching a child with autism who recently came to the gymnastics club I work at. The two apparatuses I'm struggling to find a fun way to help teach the child are vault and bars. I tried to get them to do what the lead coach of the group the child is...
  10. R

    Coaches Another coach coaching your child

    My older child has started gymnastics and I'm having a difficult time watching their coach not teach them correctly. I'm also having a hard time trying not to teach them at home. I'm trying hard to stay hands-off but it is becoming increasingly difficult. Has anyone gone through this and how did...
  11. S

    Parents Will an Adult be With My Child at All Times?

    We are only 2 competitions into our first season competing so I am still very new. My daughter just turned 8 and is competing as a level 4. Our gym doesn't compete until level 4 and I don't think they are used to having such young gymnasts. We are scheduled to compete at the Gasparilla Classic...
  12. S

    Parents What is Your Child's Favorite Event?

    My level 4 LOVES the beam. I feel like this isn't a very popular event and I am just curious. Does your child have a favorite event and if so what is it?
  13. D

    Parents Child A/B age groups??

    Hi, I have a question about state meets and age placement. My daughter is 7, but turns 8 before December 31st of this year. Will she compete in the child B age group or the child A age group. I saw something that indicated that if she turns 8 before December 31st then she would compete in the...
  14. K

    If your gym opened Monday would you send your child?

    Thought this would be interesting after reading other posts. Made the poll anonymous so no one gets attacked for their answer.
  15. G

    Parents Child in DDs age group passed her out skill & performance wise, coach playing favorites

    My DD is a very promising gymnast & is on the to youngest elite team in the gym. She was the best & had the best results in her age group, works so hard but another child has passed her out & the coach is spending much more time with this child... My child is not a very natural gymnast & has...
  16. N

    when can or should your child start to compete

    my daughter is 6 and has been doing a 1 hour class, once a week at a very good NYC gym since she is 4. She loves the sport and "I" see a tremendous amount of potential (as gymnastics was my life growing up) - on the flip side, she has some sensory and attention issues that keep her from sitting...
  17. gymbeam

    Parents What life lessons does your child miss because of gymnastics?

    I created a spin off thread. It’s a valuable discussion on its own. Txgymfan. An excuse not to do nearly as many chores as I did at her age! LOL :) (and all the other great things others have mentioned already)
  18. R

    Parents What's the best thing gymnastics has given your child?

    I'm going to go with confidence. She's a naturally shy kid, but doing gymnastics has given her such a quiet confidence in herself that she carries with her into so many other areas of her life. Last week she texted me during a water break, "I AM FEARLESS!" and it made me smile for hours, even...
  19. M

    Parents When to decide for your child they should retire?

    My daughter is 12 and a level 7 gymnast (been a gymnast since 5yrs old). She is struggling and can't overcome her fear of double back handspring on the beam. She did not compete last year (missing skills at 7, bars and beam ). She says she loves it and does not want to quit. I feel like we...
  20. F

    Active child with bookworm parents = gymnastics!

    My name is Rachel and I am a proud parent to a 5 year old gymnast. My daughter started gymnastics at 2 because her father and I were concerned about passing along a mild genetic muscle condition my husband has, so we figured it would be good to introduce an activity to help with tone and...

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