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  1. flipnastic

    Parents Chronic pain/pain clinic

    Hello, was hoping you could help me out with something. My daughter has chronic 3rd metatarsal pain. It began in May 2022 after she dropped a knife on her foot and her entire foot and Ieg got very infected. First mri showed information and her tarsal bones and on the third metatarsal. Second MRI...
  2. XcelMom08

    Parents Clinic

    A local gym near is is holding clinics for specific skills. Tonight is bars. My DD wants to make it consistent to the high bar. She has it but again it’s just getting it consistently each time. Anyone is allowed to go member or not - obviously non members pay a few bucks more. Is it frowned...
  3. raenndrops

    WAG What Were They Thinking - BWO Clinic

    I understand the concept of learning bridges and back walkovers... but offering the clinic to girls as young as 3??? That is just crazy!! PLUS, there will be "independent" stations - with 3 year olds! A recipe for disaster, imho.
  4. NY Dad

    Parents IGC Thanksgiving Clinic – Report

    What follows is my very long/detailed report for IGC Thanksgiving Clinic (just drop-off). After I pick her up I’ll report back again. There’s a ton of detail (no questions) so feel free to skip this post if you’re not interested. Arrival Check-in officially opened at 10:00 we got there about 20...
  5. NY Dad

    Parents IGC Thanksgiving Clinic

    Hi, I’m considering sending my dd (7 years old and level 2) to IGC Thanksgiving clinic (sleepover). I think she’ll really enjoy the experience. My idea is that she can try the clinic and if she likes it she can decide if she wants to go to camp there next summer. She saw their promo video and...
  6. profmom

    MAG MAG clinic at Temple

    Does anyone out there know anything about the clinic being held at Temple to benefit the men's team? Our coach is looking into it, but can't really justify going himself because he's taken the boys (different groups of them) to two other clinics already this fall.
  7. Geoffrey Taucer

    Coaches Routine clinic in Reno

    Anybody else going to be in Reno this weekend? If so and if schedules allow it, I was thinking we could have a CB coaches meetup, get together for a drink or two, swap drills/stories, etc. Anybody interested? (If there is enough interest, I'm ok with exchanging contact info via PM, but let me...
  8. J

    WAG Camp/Clinic suggestions for Level 10 gymnast

    Hi! I would love to hear everyone's suggestions for the best camps for L10 gymnasts. I know of Flipfest and the Woodwards and IGC. I have also heard about Karolyi's and different college programs that offer sessions. Also, I know that different regions offer clinics, as do many private gyms...
  9. C

    WAG IGC Thanksgiving Clinic

    Has anyone (or their DD) attended the IGC Thanksgiving Clinic? If so are the girls split into groups based on skills or levels? Will the girls uptrain any skills, or are they stuck working skills they already have?
  10. jago

    UCLA Gym Clinic

    Has anyone attended a gymnastics clinic at UCLA? Planning on registering DD for the 1 day, 3.5 hour clinic coming up in a few weeks (with a few friends) and just wondered about it. Thanks!
  11. S

    Rising Stars Clinic in MA (9/24-25)

    Has anyone ever attended this clinic? We're going in a few weeks (staying over as it's a 2 hour drive) and I'm hoping it's worth it for my daughter and her teammates! I believe Level 7-10 will be at the sessions over this weekend. Just made the hotel reservation....the girls seem most excited...
  12. K

    Large Gymnastics clinic for all ages-need ideas!

    So I just took over the Gymnastics Department at my local YMCA and am trying to improve the horrible reputation our current program has. We are having a Free Gymnastics Clinic/Open Gym Night to get people interested in our programs before our Fall Session classes start. We have had quite a high...
  13. T

    IGC Thanksgiving Clinic

    I am brand new here, so hopefully I'm posting this in the right place. Has anyone's daughter done the IGC summer clinic? My daughter is newly turned 6 and I was considering it (she would not stay overnight). Thanks in advance :O).
  14. G

    2 day optional clinic at Gymnastics East

    It was alot of funn! It was a good learning experince. There were coaches from all over! Some coach elite gymnasts and one had been in the olympics and won Gold on bars and silver on beam! It was pretty good. Tom Knowl or whatever his name is and that sheryl lady the people that make the...
  15. M

    Parents BHS Clinic yesterday....

    Well, we went to a 3 hr clinic yesterday. My DD is a young, and small 7, most of the girls there were around 10-15 yrs old, and seemed way more into cheering than gymnastics. It was interesting to talk and listen to the other parents. A lot of them were like "Why are they so worried about...