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  1. Pigeon

    MAG Men's college recruiting - Academies vs Other Colleges

    My son is entering his sophomore year in high school, so he's starting to think more seriously about college gymnastics. He's currently really interested in the Naval Academy or West Point. What are the real differences between recruiting for colleges vs. the academies?
  2. X

    NCAA Acro and tumbling colleges in Canada

    Are there any acro and tumbling colleges in Canada?
  3. X

    NCAA colleges with T&T gymnastics

    are there any d1 T&T gymnastics colleges??
  4. A

    MAG Clinics/camps at colleges

    Anyone have experience? Do they tend to be worthwhile? We are heading to Ohio for thanksgiving and my youngest desperately wants to do the clinic at Ohio State (it's for kids 7+, day and a half). It would be for fun - we aren't expecting anything out of it as parents. He just has stars in his...
  5. gymbeam

    Parents Visiting Colleges

    I'd love to know more about visiting colleges. When I went to college, I knew where I was going to go (small, private all girls school) and never shopped around so I have no idea what to do when in regard to visiting big schools. At this point, my daughter is only 12 and going into 7th grade...
  6. K

    Parents Looking into the future....colleges

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew what the requirements were if a gymnast wanted to join a college gymnastics club(NAIGC)? If the gymnast is currently doing xcel, would that be considered or do they only look at gymnasts involved in JO? Also, at what levels do club gymnastics begin? Thanks
  7. cbifoja

    WAG First steps for looking at colleges?

    At what point should my DD be making an effort to begin looking at colleges if her goal is a college scholarship? There is a specific D1 school she wants to attend and while I think it is a long shot (plus what @bookworm says about D1 schools scares the bejeesus out of me!), I am curious when...
  8. zoe_the_gymnast_

    WAG Do colleges that have NCAA teams also have NAIGC teams?

    I was just wondering this, and as well wondering if anyone knows any information regarding this. :)
  9. S

    WAG D1 Colleges/Womens Gymnastic Teams

    Realistically I think my daughter is capable of D1 academics and gymnastics but not at a top D1 college. Anyone have any tips on D1 colleges with womens gymnastics teams where admission isn't ridiculously competitive and a good Level 10 can make the team?
  10. M

    WAG Colleges and gymnastics teams

    I got thinking today about how few colleges seem to offer gymnastics as an intercollegiate sport. Does anyone know why? It seems like practically every college has a soccer or basketball team. Also, do colleges ever start up new NCAA gymnastics teams? For example when I was in college a friend...
  11. G

    WAG Alternative schooling and issues with colleges

    I am hearing that the last couple of years that colleges are becoming pickier on what is accepted on transcripts. It sounds like they are coming down on home-schooling and alternative private schooling. Girls are trying to get scholarships but are being told that there are a number of credits...
  12. T.Gymnastics

    USAG levels and colleges

    Ok so different colleges will accept you at different levels of USAG so i was wondering about what level these colleges would be. Towson University (maryland) Southern Utah University University of Maryland University of Pittsburgh University of North Carolina (chapel hill)

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