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  1. G

    WAG Back handspring (platinum + diamond)

    Is a back handspring necessary for platinum/diamond level (mainly on floor, but also beam/vault)? I've been doing round off back tucks and always have trouble generating power from back handsprings... but one of my floor coaches told me that back handspring is very necessary for higher level...
  2. Anonymous Post

    Anon Xcel only gym that refuse to add diamond (just curious what you think)

    In my state, there is one gym that is Xcel only. In their area, there is one other gym that offers DP and Xcel, but has less good coaching from what I can see and a really small team with athletes that place well below most others. Location wise, the gym is in a small town in a more rural...
  3. J

    WAG Xcel Diamond - Bar Dismount

    Is a B dismount (layout 1/2 twist, double, etc) required? I find this odd as a B is typically Level 9? My daughter competed Level 8 last season with a layout dismount, switched to Diamond and noticed that most of the requirements overall are more in line with Level 7/8 skills with the...
  4. PeanutsMom

    WAG XCEL Diamond Bar requirements

    My daughter just moved from JO level 7/8 to XCEL Diamond. She is working on bar skills and I am wondering where they fit to the COP. I have looked at the sheets, but since I don't know the individual value of each skill, I am wondering if I can just list them here: kip cast handstand to clear...
  5. Gymnast738282

    WAG Xcel diamond skills

    What skills would I need for bars beam and floor. I have around level 8 skills. Could I do a level 8 bar routine but not do a clear hip and meet all of the requirements?
  6. Gymnast738282

    WAG Xcel diamond

    What are some skills I can do for bars beam and floor. I have around level 8 skills. Some passes I have for floor rn are a front lay front lay and round off BHS full. Would I need 2 or 3 tumbling passes with those skills?
  7. B

    Coaches Finding another B or higher for Xcel Diamond

    I have a girl on diamond who is not a very strong at clear hips. She really struggles with opening high enough to even clear horizontal. And her cast is just above horizontal so she is not even close to being able to start at a 10 at this point. Her current routine is kip, cast, clear hip...
  8. MILgymFAM

    WAG Diamond Bars SV Help

    Ok, so I need help. My DD is competing diamond and had a 9.8 SV on bats at her first meet. The SV was verified by the score card, and seen on the judges table by my daughter and her coach at the meet. Her coaches do not have an updated COP (either JO or Xcel) so they’re kinda lost in the sauce...
  9. Megogymnast10:)

    Xcel Diamond vault question

    Can you compete a yurechenko entry without the flip at the end in xcel diamond? Haven't seen it done before, that's why I'm wondering if that's allowed
  10. e'smum

    Parents Need Xcel Diamond info!

    My kiddo was ready for lvl 8 after a tough but fairly successful lvl 7. Then, day 1 of practice back after a 2.5 week break... sprained ankle. Started adding back in skills and hurt the other knee. we are headed to the dr on wed to get that checked out b/c it hurts on random stuff - like...
  11. T

    New USAIGC Diamond level

    Does anyone have any information about how to qualify to compete at the new Diamond Level? How they score? What gymnasts need in skills? Thank you!!!
  12. Sarah_the_gymnast

    WAG Xcel diamond beam

    Hey, for anyone who has any experience: Diamond beam requirements say One Acro Skill with flight (isolated or in a series) AND an Acro Series – with or without flight Does that mean you can do, say a BWO to BHS and be all set? Or would you have to do, say BWO BWO and BHS separately...
  13. xcelmomsilver

    Parents Xcel Diamond petition?

    Hi My DD is 12 and xcel silver and she dreams of doing NCAA. She has this map, she wants to compete gold then platinum then in high school petition unto level 7 in 10th grade. Will this work? Can can be a collge gymnast accpeted at level 9. And before she turns 14 (that summer between gold and...
  14. A

    WAG Xcel diamond

    I am almost 16 and have competed xcel platinum for the last 3 years. There have usually only been a few diamonds who practice with us because there aren't enough of them to make a new group. However, this year most of the level 8 team is doing diamond, so there will be separate groups. I have...
  15. Amusibus

    WAG What is TOPS diamond team?

    A couple of little girls at our gym were posted on the gym's Facebook page as having made TOPS diamond team. I have (from this forum) vaguely heard of TOPS A group and B group, but never heard of diamond. What's the difference?
  16. rbearclaw

    WAG TOPS Diamond Team

    For anyone has a DD who tested for TOPS diamond team this year (age 7), do you have her test scores? Or if you don't want to share the details, do you have the column header names? I was handed my daughter's score sheet without any headers, and I can guesstimate what some of them are based on...
  17. F

    Parents TOPs Diamond team

    Does anyone out there know what the Diamond team cut off score was for Tops last year for 7 year olds, 2012?
  18. S

    WAG Tops Diamond level

    I seen that their was 43 diamond level gymnast. I was told they take the top 10% for diamond which equals around 430 7 yr olds testing. Does anybody know if there was anywhere that number ? Do they put out a complete list of how many tested at the state level ? Do they put out a list of who made...
  19. S

    Olivia Makes National Team- Diamond!

    Well after a loooong road. A year and half of training and testing this summer we finally received news that Olivia qualified for National Team Diamond Level. This has been her goal and dream for the last 15 months. Her Tops coach then said to her: "if you work hard this coming year, YOU WILL...
  20. M

    Parents Emily's Diamond Jewels Invite videos from 1/20/08

    Emily Vault 8.9 and 9th place age group 8a(younger 8's) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IsslQzW7ee8 Emily Bars 9.25 and 4th place http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7CnJXovEho Emily Beam 9.05 and 2nd Place http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa1mEYJJarg Emily Floor Ex 9.2 and 3rd Place...

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