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  1. E

    Coaches Teaching double back hip circle

    In our rec program and XCEL, our coaches teach students to do two back hip circles in a row. My understanding is that this combination teaches students to rotate their wrists and keep their body hollow. My thinking is that I would much rather teach a back hip circle ending with a strong cast...
  2. G

    Parents Double full vs double back

    Can someone tell me what letter value a double full and a double back are and why one would train one and not the other?
  3. M

    WAG Double back tuck acquired at what age?

    I'm curious to know by what age it is reasonable to expect a female gymnast to acquire this skill.
  4. M

    Coaches Drill need for double back landings off bars

    Coaches what station drill do you have to help with double back landings off bars to help them open up and push on the ground
  5. W

    WAG Double back dismounts off beam

    What is a double back anything dismount off beam worth or what level is it? Does it matter if it is a tuck, pike, et cetera. I know there are A, B, C, et cetera skills, but I don't have a list.
  6. Aero

    WAG Standing double back tuck beam dismount?

    I was thinking "what if?" about this earlier and I wanted to get some community advice to satisfy my curiosity. The idea is performing a standing double backward tucked somersault off the end of the beam as a dismount. Perhaps some of the knowledgeable people on here can enlighten me. My...
  7. V

    WAG Double back position

    I finally got to see DDs double back on bars last week and I think (in my own naive mind) that it looks pretty good. She had a small hop on the landing but otherwise stuck it. However, her coach told her that they need to be higher. The first flip was definitely higher than the bar and the...
  8. P

    Double back somersault

    Hi Could anyone give advice on how to learn to do a double back somersault. At my club we don't have a foam pit. Thanks :)
  9. 2

    WAG Double Back!!

    So proud of my 12 year old - she landed her double back PIKE for the first time without the coach on the floor! Such a thrill for me, but her response, "It's no big deal mom, I've been ready for awhile. We were just being safe until now!" Big skill for a little girl - can't wait to see the...
  10. W

    WAG Double back! (on the tramp)

    DD did her first double backs over the weekend on the tramp. It probably took 10 minutes of the coach telling her to do it before she got over the excitement/nerves/etc and tried it. Still has to move to the tumble track and eventually the floor, but it was fun to watch. She spent the rest of...
  11. Canadian_gym_mom

    8 year old dd did a double back tuck yesterday!!!

    Oh, on the trampoline in the bungee harness, lol! Thought that would get you all upset and ready to chew me out. :) They had about an hour of playtime yesterday afternoon after some pretty hard conditioning. They were "peter pan" flying and having a ton of fun.
  12. aerialriver

    How much height is needed for a double back?

    I have a few questions I guess but this is all stemming from new fears. I have a t&t competition is about a month and suddenly I am losing all my skills. I need to compete a barani double back for one of my double mini passes. Funny thing is I have done it a billion times but now I am scared...
  13. 1

    Double back tucks help please!

    I am learning double backs, I have done a ton of timers and backtuck to back on a trampoline. My coach says the back tucks are high enough and fast enough. I tried them into the pit today and I cannot get past going to my back. My coach says just tuck hard and pull and try as I might I just...
  14. S

    Parents Brag Alert *double back*

    :D Finally!! Today dd did her double back (into the pit of course) - she has been dreading it/wanting to get it over with ever since she had a not good experience with it a year or so ago......and so today, with the same coach as last time.......SHE DID IT! I am so proud of her for facing her...
  15. aerialriver

    Getting over the fear of doing a double back flip

    I have had this question for years! All I want to be able to do right now is to be able to do a double back flip on the trampoline AT THE QUAILIFIED GYM I GO TO. I have the height and the form and I can even do one and land on my back, but I am so scared I will start flipping and won't be able...
  16. G

    HELP w/ double back tucked off bars!

    Hi I can do a layout fly away really high really high but i cant do a tucked flyway i pull into the bar. Any help?? Please asap
  17. Geoffrey Taucer

    Deduction for "not rotating fast enough" in a double back? huh?

    Recently we had a judge come in and take a look at our upper level girls. One of our L8 girls competes a double back off bars, and the judge said she would get deducted on the double back for dynamics because she didn't rotate fast enough. My question: why deduct for slow rotation? I think it...
  18. Geoffrey Taucer

    Training a double back off rings w/o pit rings

    I think my one level 8 guy is ready to start learning double-backs off rings, but I'm not sure how best to teach them without pit rings. When I was learning, I basically just chucked it on pit rings until it felt good enough to do it on a mat. Any pointers?