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  1. M

    WAG Why is the equipment ie bars, beam etc raised on podiums?

    I recently went to OU vs Florida's womens meet. I noticed the mats and equipment are not raised on podiums. Why do they do podiums in elite? Out of curiosity.. Also, how does the equipment stay stable enough on podiums?
  2. Shearer816

    Parents Gymnastics equipment @ Home?

    My lvl 3 is begging for more time in the gym. Her gym only allows 8hrs a week for first year lvl 3s so I’m kind of in a hard spot right now. I don’t want her to lose the desire she has for gymnastics. I am wanting to put some mats and a beam in our pole barn. Is this common? I see beams on...
  3. M

    WAG Equipment mat question?

    Is it safe to stack a incline cheese mat on a 8 inch thick mat? are they built for this? Trying to learn front tucks, instead of just using in-ground resi pits or tumble traks. Wanted to test different mat formats for taller athletes.
  4. Drjwj

    Parents Home equipment

    My 7 year old is obsessed with gymnastics right now and is on a pre team level at her gym. (They don’t compete until level three so those are the skills she’s working on). She has a bar and mat from Amazon that she spends a lot of time on, but now that she is starting to do things like squat ons...
  5. So confused

    Parents Best equipment for home

    At level 3, my kid is starting to rock the bar she has at home. Any recommendations for something sturdy? Or a double? She also has an air track which we love. Just purchased an 8ft, adjustable practice beam. What do your babies use? Links please.
  6. PeanutsMom

    Coaches Best place to buy quality, used equipment

    Hi everyone, I am a rec coach at a small gym where my daughter is on team. The gym is young, only 18 months under the current ownership. The previous owners sold the gym with all the equipment included. They were not completely honest about the condition and quality of the equipment. The old...
  7. MuggleMom

    Off Topic Fitness Equipment

    I want to get more active. I used to go to the gym but not so much anymore. I dont have a love or hate of any piece of equipment. I want to find something that's easy to do at home, doesnt take up too much space, and maybe my kids (11dd gymnasts and 8dd softball player) could use for exercise on...
  8. JBS

    Gymnastics Meets, Floor Music & Home Use Equipment

    ChalkBucket would like to take the time to thank our sponsors. Please support them if you can! High 5 Meets High 5 Meets has competitions in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Missouri. Energym Music Check out Energym Music for all your floor music needs! Norberts Equipment...
  9. Creatib

    Parents Home gymnastics equipment thesis research

    Hello! I’m currently a senior in college working on my thesis project about redesigning home gymnastics equipment for young kids. Being a competitive gymnast up until I went to college, I have a lot of passion and experience in the field and know that home gymnastics equipment can be really...
  10. Summit Gymnastics CA

    WAG Equipment!

    We luckily have extra space in our gym to add something else! We already have all the required equipment ( for WAG ) plus a few extra training perks! Does anyone have any ideas or set ups that have worked really well for the extra space? We're open to ideas for each event!
  11. A

    Coaches Parent and Tot Class Ideas with Limited Equipment

    So I generally teach preschoolers at a gym that I work at, but I have taken on a second job with a community recreation centre. I am teaching a parent tot gymnastics class, with 18months - 3yrs, in a small recreation room and it is an hour long. I have about 9 kids, and this week was the first...
  12. J

    WAG Gymnastics home equipment in EU?

    Hi everyone! We are Americans living abroad and my daughter is doing competitive gymnastics in the Netherlands. Im finding it difficult to get the right home equipment here. Could anyone help out and let me know where I can purchase panel/folding and different types of gymnastics mats/...
  13. A

    Parents at home equipment

    does your young gymnast use bars or beam or anything else art home to help with gymnastics? if so what?
  14. GymKim

    WAG Disinfecting suede equipment, beam?

    How can I best disinfect an old beam I have acquired? It has been in storage and I have no idea what has been on it.
  15. V

    WAG Donating Used Gymnastics Equipment

    Does anyone know of any charities interested in used gymnastics items? Our gym donated some of the leotards we phased out to a gym in Africa, but I am looking for other options (shipping cost may be more than value of items). My now retired gymmie has accumulated more than 20 pairs of grips...
  16. gymgal

    WAG L8+ parents - did/do you have home equipment?

    I have often wondered this and a recent thread prompted my curiosity again. Does home equipment factor into success in upper level gymnastics (positive or negative). We as a CB group routinely tell new parents to leave gym in the gym. That home practice will cause burnout, bad form, etc. I just...
  17. J

    7 year old daughter selected for elite group within squad - home equipment?

    My daughter started Gymnastics nearly 2 years ago in recreational and was asked if she'd like to join the artistic squad 6 months later - she seems naturally flexible and completely obsessed! Her coach took me aside recently and said she's really talented and was forming an elite group within...
  18. skschlag

    MAG Equipment advice

    So, D has started working 1 1/4 on pbars, and apparently needs something for his upper arms. What might this something be? Also, for heel protection for release moves, I believe I have heard hockey elbow pads? Looking to pick up more equipment this I used to love how we needed...
  19. e'smum

    Parents does your gym allow gymnasts to adjust equipment?

    i know our gymnasts will sometimes adjust equipment (like vault or bars) and i'm just wondering if this it the norm. TIA!
  20. M

    Parents Safety of equipment

    Can anyone tell me if gyms (for insurance) have to have equipment inspected for safety? Our gym has several things that are questionable, safety wise. Thanks