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  1. pandaamiko

    WAG Floor music

    First year picking floor music and daughter really liked telephone by lady Gaga. We have never watched or listened to her songs so she just likes the beat and rhythm but many adults would probably recognize it. Would it be inappropriate to use that song for her floor music?
  2. MILgymFAM

    Parents Cut/create floor music

    Hello! My daughter is creating a new routine for Oxford this year and wants to use a particular song- Everlong by The Foo Fighters- but it doesn’t seem to be on any of the gym music sites. Does anyone cut music or know how and can give some guidance? Thank you!
  3. M

    WAG Michelle Pineda's Floor music

    Does anyone know the name of this music?
  4. G

    Gymnasts Upbeat floor music

    hey so I’m looking for a floor music that’s upbeat and sassy. I love showing off my floor routine and making it super dances. I was trying to look for some of the newer floor musics but I find most of them to either feel too immature or they are salsa or super serious. I am 17 so I want...
  5. Gymnast2009

    Off Topic Floor music choices

    So I have to give my coach my top five options. I’m not sure what order to put these 5 in but I know that these are my top five. this is not in my order just this is my list. lip gloss and anaconda - https://www.salutemusic.com/products/anaconda-lip-gloss-mashup (pls do not judge me for this...
  6. M

    Parents Floor music

    Since it’s been kind of slow here.. My daughter needs new floor music this season. She has no idea what she wants, other than not jazz/big band because that’s what she’s always had and she’s “sick of it”. :D She’s 15 and level 10, so not looking for cutesy. But she’s not super powerful, or...
  7. Gymnast2009

    WAG Custom floor music

    I need floor Music and I need a custom cut as I cannot find the song I want. I would like the the Lindsay stirling greatest showman medley but with it starting with a million dreams and having some rewrite the stars in there. Never enough is fine too but I want mainly a million dreams and...
  8. G

    WAG Floor music

    If I wanna do a contemporary style floor routine, is it okay to choose like slow dramatic music? Or do judges prefer upbeat happy music? (For xcel)
  9. A

    Anon Tips for picking floor music

    Hi, I am trying to pick out my floor music for my floor routine (I get to keep it for 2 seasons). I have narrowed my options down to 6 but trying to narrow it down to around only 1-3 options. Is there ways I can help me decide and make it easier to choose one that I will like to compete and...
  10. C

    Parents Looking for floor music like Laurie Hernandez’s 2021 music.

    I’d really appreciate any suggestions that you have!!!
  11. TheXcelMom

    WAG XG Floor Music beeps

    We just chose and edited this year's routine music. We got it down to 60 sec but the beginning is very abrupt (this is the nature of the piece, it's not the cutting). She needs the beep at the beginning. Will the beeping count as part of the time? Also, is there somewhere I can get an mp3 of the...
  12. L

    Parents Finding Floor Music

    I'm trying to find floor music for this year and I'm having a hard time. I don't really love the dancing part of floor and I'm somewhat shy so nothing super sassy. I maybe want something similar or in the same realm as my previous floor music linked below. I'm looking for any suggestions! Thanks!
  13. N

    WAG Beep for floor music

    Can anyone help me find some who can add this beep. I have researched and tried garage band and some other apps. I’m just not built for that.
  14. Anonymous Post

    Anon How strict are judges with floor music length? (L10)

    I’m wondering how precise/strict the 1:30 time limit is for L10 floor music. Just got the cut back and the file length is 1:32, the music ends at 1:30, but there’s sort of a lingering tone that goes to 1:31. The routine itself would be finished by 1:30 but wondering if she could get dinged for...
  15. G

    WAG Floor Music Cuts?

    Does anyone on here cut floor music for fun? I found I song I kinda like and there's a couple versions of it but they aren't great. I'm not sure if this is what I would pick but it sounds cool. If someone could point me in the right direction that would be fine too! (I've tried Audacity and...
  16. Beam Queen

    Off Topic Floor Music

    I'm looking for a floor music for next year (from YouTube). My current one is 'Closer' by StephanFloorMusics and I absolutely love it. I want music that's sassy and dramatic and that really grabs your attention. I would love some suggestions! No shorter than 1:20 is preferred.
  17. L

    Parents L6 Floor Music

    L6 is the first optional and a huge task is obviously picking the floor music. I'm sure parents have a preference what their daughters will use. It's pretty overwhelming. I'm wondering what the crowd has done when picking. 1. Did you use JumpTwist? I find almost all of their song execution...
  18. D

    WAG usa floor music

    This is an opinion only of course, but I wish the gymnasts from my country (USA) had better floor music. Rarely does the music draw me in anymore. It just seems like a mixture of unmemorable sounds in the background. Even if the gymnast is more athletic than artistic, I would still think they...
  19. Invisible Duck

    WAG Cutting floor music

    Is there anyone who would be happy to give cutting some music a go for me? I’m rubbish at it! I have found a few different cuts of the music this is an extended version I like a lot This is a shorter version of it And these are two other cuts that I think I like a little less If...