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  1. G

    WAG Back handspring on beam hand placement help

    Need some help getting hands on the beam for back handspring! Can EASILY do back handspring on the floor AND back walkover on beam. When going to do the back handspring on the beam the hands consistently go to the side/do not land on the beam.....help!!!
  2. CLgym

    WAG BHS on beam - hand placement

    Quick question, mostly out of curiosity. My DD is being coached to change her hand placement on her beam BHS-step out. She is a lefty in gymnastics (in all gymnastics skills she favors her left side -- tumbling, splits, leaps, etc. -- although she is a "righty" when it comes to everything else...
  3. M

    Coaches Red “Band” being used for BHS on beam hand placement

    Hello, I have a gymnast having challenges with consistent hand placement on her BHS on beam. I have seen videos of other gymnasts using a red “band” around their wrists while training this skill + BHS BHS series. Hoping someone can point me to what those bands are + some opinions from those...
  4. L

    WAG Hand placement in back tuck

    Curious to what hand placement everyone learns in a standing back tuck. Do you put hands under knees (knee pits), on shins/knees or not grab anything? Is this the same as all your other skills?
  5. M

    WAG Hand placement for tsuk vaults

    DD has previously competed tsuks vaults well. After a long break from working these vaults she is going back to tsuks. She is having a lot of trouble with the entry. Her coach keeps telling her she turns too early. She has been trying to fix this for a month now without much progress. She...
  6. N

    WAG Preferred hand placement for BHS on beam

    Coaches, what is your preferred hand placement for BHS on beam and if the gymnast seems inclined to a different placement do you allow?
  7. G

    Hand Placement in Back Handsprings

    I noticed in my back handsprings my hands face out to the sides instead of the way you would put them in a handstand. Is that okay?
  8. B

    hand placement on back handspring (beam)

    So I recently decided to start working on my back handsprings on beam. When I do them, instead of putting one hand in front of the other, i put one hand on top of the other. I'm wondering is this safe? Sometimes my hand lands on my top 4 fingers but sometimes it only lands on my pointer finger...
  9. Tumblequeensmom

    Backhandspring hand placement on Beam

    I thought I posted this earlier, so if it's a duplicate, just ignore! What is the "correct" way to teach this skill? I was just wondering because I've seen girls perform it with one hand over the other, and others place their hands side by side. It seems to me that the girls who have one hand...
  10. d0nut_l0ver

    Hand Placement?

    I got my cartwheel on high beam 2 days ago and the coaches corrected me on some things (straighten back leg, point toes, etc.) but not on my hands. Just now, I was reading about "t-shaped" hands, and apparently, nearly everybody uses this. Is it wrong to have your hands just side by side...
  11. J

    Hand placement for BHS on beam

    I have noticed 2 different methods: (1) hands one in front of the other with the front hand pointing towards the end of the beam (2) both hands facing the same direction with all fingers pointing to the same side of the beam. Is one of these methods preferable or is it up to the individual to...
  12. E

    Tsukahara Hand Placement

    I have a gymnast who moved from another gym with yurchenko fear issues so we're on a path to tsuks. It's been a little while since I've had to be technical with tsuks. Back in the days of the "twinkie" vault (vault horse instead of table), I competed layout tsuks and tsuk fulls so the concept...
  13. coachmolly

    Coaches Hand Placement for Cartwheels

    Just curious, how do you teach gymnasts to place their hands for a cartwheel on the floor? I never really thought about it before until I started working at a new gym that taught hand placement differently, so now I'm curious what methods other coaches use and why that method is preferred.
  14. M

    Hand placement on beam - BHS and BWO

    I have pretty much always seen the BWO done with the 'thumbs together, fingers round placement. And the BHS done with one hand behind the other. In coaching girls age 6-8, their coach is telling them to do the BWO with the BHS placement. Why might this be? Is it to get them used to it? Also...
  15. B

    Interesting, different RO entry hand placement I came across today.

    Most people and coaches I know use a version of the cartwheel hands being hands placed sideways in relation to the direction the gymnast is facing. Some coaches T-action the second hand in line of the first hand or off line around the side. Obviously on beam it's inline. Our HC showed me...
  16. I

    Hand placement on beam

    What is everyone's opinion on proper hand placement on back walkovers and back handsprings on the balance beam? What are the advantages or disadvantages any of them?
  17. maddiekate

    Backwalkover hand placement

    I can get my hands together, but i just can't get them in the right position. I'm just trying it on one of those flexible beams things, but i can't seem to get to get them in the right place. I guess i'm not really sure exactly how to put them, so i just dont. How exactly should i put my...

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