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  1. K

    Parents International Gymnastics Camp

    I've been lurking on this forum for a while, and I have appreciated the perspectives of parents who have been in this sport longer than myself. My daughter is an 8 y/o who just finished her Level 3 season. She has had several good friends who have been going to sleep away camps the past few...
  2. T

    Coaches International Competitions for club gymnasts.

    I was hoping there are some European coaches here who would know of competitions that allow gymnasts from other countries to compete as either guests or sponsored by another club.
  3. G

    WAG International Gymnastics Camp or Woodward ?

    My daughter will either be going to International gymnastics camp or Woodward pa in 2022. She is 11 years old and will be travelling on a plane by herself from Australiato get there. Any information would be helpful like - Which camp is preferred - how to travel by your self - And how kids are...
  4. B

    2021 International Gymnix Cancelled.

    Just announced that Gymnix is cancelled due to Covid.
  5. gymgal

    WAG thoughts on American athletes competing for other countries in international competitions?

    CB has been a little slow on topics lately so I figured I would try to spark discussion. I understand why some Americans do this as they have a better chance of competing in these competitions but I have a hard time getting past the "fairness" of it. And I know that's a loaded word but I am not...
  6. elie

    Coaches International coaching internship - where to go ?

    Hi everyone, I am a competitive gymnastics coach in Canada. Next year, as part of my university program, I have the chance to take part in an international internship, in any teaching-related context, for a duration of 6 weeks. I would love to use this opportunity to do an internship in a...
  7. C

    Parents International gymnastics camp

    Hi I'm from Ireland and my daughter is attending IGC this summer for the first time. I don't know anyone who has attended the camp and am just looking for any feedback. What should I pack for her etc....any tips or hints would be really appriciated. Thanks Cathy
  8. U

    International Travels

    Hi! I am Matisen O'Brien and I was a gymnast at Berks Gymnastics in Reading PA and I am now a senior on the gymnastics team at Ursinus College in Collegeville PA. I am applying for a scholarship from the Watson Foundation to study the differences in the gymnastics culture in other countries to...
  9. G

    WAG International Dev trial

    hi all, my daughter is 4.5 and will be doing a 3 hr trial for an International Dev team in a couple weeks. What can we expect from this trial, what sort of things do they look for in that age group? We are in Vic, Australia. Thanks
  10. G

    International dev Trial

    Hi all, My daughter is 4.5 and trying out for and International Development team soon. What would we expect them to be looking at during the trial? it is going to be ran like a class over 3 hours. In Vic, Aus. Thanks
  11. S

    International Gymnastics Camp Questions

    I'm 13 and I've never been to a gymnastics camp before and I'm wondering what the skill level of girls my age would be at IGC. I'm in Xcel Gold. Last year in Silver, I competed a round-off back-handspring and front handspring on floor. A pull over, cast backhipcircle, squat on, jump to high bar...
  12. W

    WAG Hardest routines (international elite)?

    Hey! Long time no see! But now I’m back and I have a question to those who are more familiar with the FIG CoP. I’ve been wondering what routines would have the highest possible scores on each event? Like what skills would these routines have (highest difficulty) and what kind of connections? If...
  13. bogwoppit

    International suicide and support help info

    A member suggested that we create a sticky thread that will work as a resource for gymnasts and parents who are looking for help, or support, when they are in crisis. Please add any relevant links and phones numbers here. I suggest putting the country at the top of your post to avoid...
  14. Mrs. Puma

    WAG Aly and Mihai during international meets? What is the rule on contact with other coaches during meets? Is this a conflict of interest during international meets or as Aly says in this article "It might actually work out better". Just curious!
  15. trampolinemom

    Parents school camp interfering with international competition what to do

    DS (10) school has come up with a pretty cool school camp which will run wednesdaymorning untill friday afternoon. But... DS has an international competition in trampolining in the weekend for which we will have to drive friday morning really early (9 hour drive), have training friday night and...
  16. Aussiegymdad

    International Levels Questions

    Hello All I've done a far bit of reading on here so hopefully I won't ask anything that's already been discussed. A bit of background. DD started gymnastics this year, did a term of kindergym and a term of development squad (pre team). I wasn't very impressed with the coaching at that...
  17. R

    Changes to the International Stream? Please fill me in..

    Hi guys! I am hearing a lot talk about the proposed changes to the WAG International Stream. Has anyone been told anything as yet????
  18. trampolinemom

    International succes for DS

    Just wanted to share. This weekend 9 year old DS had an international competition in Germany ( which is of course easier when you are european) and he had a great time. Unfortunately he went wrong in his compulsory routine individualy but his voluntary routine went ok. After that there was a...
  19. trampolinemom

    Parents First international experience for DS (trampolining)

    So proud of my 8 year old DS. He has just been in trampolining for 1,5 years now and doing so well his gym invited him to take part in an international competition in Germany. A few weeks before competition his trainers found out Germany changed the compulsory routine which now included a baby...

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