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Level 7 Gymnastics

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  1. F

    WAG Level 7 Bar routine clarification (giants/casts/flyaway)

    I’m trying to gain a better understanding of the Level 7 bar routine: First, if DD doesn’t quite make her cast to handstand at first on low bar, but then she makes it on the high bar, does that still count? Second, she will probably do two giants on high bar (clear hip to 45 on low). I’ve...
  2. S

    WAG L7

    If gymnast is struggling with a Block, would this be acceptable for level 7 beam series: front walkover, round off? On floor, can she do a punch front tuck, round off, back layout? She can’t do backhandpring at the moment, but can do this pass.
  3. K

    WAG Region 7 regionals for Level 7?

    Has anyone heard anything about Region 7 starting to host regionals for Level 7? Someone told me it had recently been decided but I can’t find any evidence of it online.
  4. raenndrops

    Off Topic This is a former Level 7/8 gymnast ... shows former gymnasts can do anything

    So, this is a former Level 7/8 gymnast (retired in 2014 while training for Level 8). We met her when OG & YG were regularly doing open gym at her gym. The girls became good friends. She retired due to injuries, but gymnastics set her up well...
  5. B

    Anon Gold to L6 OR Platinum to L7?

    Hi parents -- Looking for seasoned guidance on anyone who has moved from Gold to L6 or Platinum to L7. Our 9-year old Gold is being moved up when meet season concludes, and our coaches have been honest and told us that they are on the fence between Platinum and L6. While it's not up to us, I...
  6. C

    WAG Re-working L7 Floor Routine

    Due to injuries/conditions, my L7 needs to rework her floor routine. It seems her passes of 1) RO-BHS-BLO and 2) FLO would be sufficient for the acro and B skills. Is this correct? Now to make sure she has enough A skills, where can those be found? She has switch leap+ front tuck jump, full...
  7. coach1234

    WAG Level 7 Vault

    Can a gymnast compete 2 different vaults at level 7 e.g Vault 1 - Handspring entry Vault 2 - Tsuk entry
  8. N

    WAG L7 beam question

    Hi, wondering if someone can help me understand. If a L7 gymnast is supposed to do a HS BHS (connected) on beam to satisfy the requirement, what would be the deduction if the gymnast doesn’t do the BHS? 0.5 for no connection and 0.3 for no B skill? Is that it? What’s the deduction for just not...
  9. G

    WAG Level 7 bar requirements

    Hi, I saw somewhere that a level 7 gymnast can do a kip cast 45° clear hip kip squat on long hang kip cast 45° clear hip long hang kip cast flyaway. Is this a 10 start value? Also what is so other level 7 bar routines without giants and cast that are 45°
  10. D

    Parents Level 7 floor

    Can you do a front tuck step out to a front layout to a front tuck on level 7 floor?
  11. kittykatgymnast

    WAG Level 7 Floor Question

    Hi! Question: Would roundoff - arabian stepout - front handspring be an acceptable pass for level 7 front tumbling? Or does it have to be two connected front elements (like fhs - front tuck)? Thanks! :)
  12. C

    WAG New Level 7 Floor Requirements

    Am I correct in understanding that the fwd salto on floor in L7 no longer has to be done in combination?
  13. T

    Parents Level 7 bar deduction??

    Is there a deduction in level 7 bar routine if you do a roundy round (you may have different name?) after squat on when jumping to the high bar? Can’t find it anywhere online and my daughter’s trying to perfect her routine for state. Bars is her strength but she’s always hated that squat on by...
  14. D

    Parents Is it time to let her move on? Daughter , level 7 has a new mental block each week.

    My daughter is a level 7 gymnast, age 10. She was on track to be a level 8 last year but coaches decided to continue level 7 again to give her some added confidence. This season has been like watching someone else's child. Every week she has a new mental block. Two meets ago we were scoring 9.4...
  15. pagymmom

    Parents Level 7 Vault Scores

    Hello, First time posting here. Our daughter is doing pretty well in L7 but no matter what she does in a meet her vault score is almost always between 8.6 and 8.8. She scores in the mid 9s on all other events. This video is from her meet today and while I thought it was her best vault ever and...
  16. B

    WAG Knee braces an level 7 question

    I have a two part question and I hope that is okay?! I don’t post often but I’m grateful to be able find support in reading the same situations we have at home. Our orthopedic doc said she does not have Osgood Schlatter’s but has a tracking issue with knee and therefore she wants her to brace...
  17. jessicagym

    WAG Struggling with L7&8

    Hi! My name is Jessica, I have competed in L6 three times and L7 once. I have mostly been held back by the uneven bars. I just can't seem to figure out the timing and other aspects of circling and kip cast handstand elements. I am really hoping to compete in L8 this coming season. Do any...
  18. Edogsdad

    WAG Level 7 bars deduction

    My daughter keeps landing off the end of the landing mat after her flyaway dismount on bars in competition. Does anyone know what the deduction is for this?
  19. J

    WAG Level 7&8 Beam Jump/Leaps

    How does the scoring work for level 7&8 for jumps and leaps on beam. I think (?) there is a requirement for a 180 jump or leap. What if it is close to 180, but not quite? Say 160-170. Do you not get credit for the requirement and lose a lot of points? Or just get deducted a little for not...
  20. C

    Parents Beam series level 7/8 and moving forward

    So my kid has had a BHS-BHS on beam for a while now, competed it on level 7 for her last few meets before COVID. She has always hated a BWO on beam and has *never* competed it. She did a single BHS on L5 and L6 and then a BHS-BHS on L7. After they were allowed to return to gym, she was assigned...

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