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  1. S

    Parents Last meet scores not showing up online

    Hello! My daughter had a meet a day ago (it was a small one) and the scores are still not posted anywhere online. Is this common? She did really well and I would like to think that her scores will be recorded. Thank you so much.
  2. XcelMom08

    Parents My Meet Scores

    We went to our first meet over the weekend and the host is using my meet scores to show the scores. All scores are in except for the Xcel Silvers. Does it just take time to update? Just wierd its missing a complete Level of kids. But when I even searched my daughters name she doesn't appear as...
  3. R

    Parents Canadian meet scores?

    I asked this question in a slightly different way last year but am still trying to figure it out. I have a friend in Canada who has a daughter just starting out. She is trying to figure out if her gym will be competitive in the upper levels if her kid continues in that direction. I could point...
  4. C

    Parents Meet Scores Online

    Am I missing something? I feel like Meet Scores Online used to have live meet results, but for all the meets we've attended this season when I click on the live meet scores I just get a waiting message for what seems like an eternity and live scores never appear. Are any meets posting live...
  5. R

    Parents Following Meet Scores

    Hi just wanted to ask you which website you use to follow meet scores? I know about meetscoresonline and (though that one is painfully lacking). My hubby was trying to follow my DD's meet this weekend. It was on Myusagym app but seems like the app was down - does anyone know...
  6. D

    Parents Help me understand state meet scores

    Help me understand state meet scores. My daughter hasn’t had her state meet yet but will soon. I’m trying to understand if scoring is different than a regular meet. So, for example, say there are three sessions for a level and each session has a group of junior A kids. Is there one all around...
  7. DTAG

    MAG Meet Scores

    My son is an 8yr old lvl 5. At this level, how much do meet scores really account for in the long run? He does ok, for the most part. Every AA score goes up after each meet, slightly. Approximately a point or half a point. This includes his jump from 4.2 to level 5. But here’s the thing, his...
  8. C

    Parents Anyone having issues with Meet Scores Online?

    My daughter had her L6 meet today. Her team was divided into 2 separate sessions. She is asking me how her teammates did in the session following hers and none of the L6 sessions have posted today. I didn’t track her meet because WiFi was spotty and I am running low on data, so I was unaware...
  9. S

    WAG Reg 3 Xcel Regional on Meet Scores?

    I can't find this meet on meetscoresonline and it's driving me nuts. Surely the scores are online somewhere? It's regionals! Geez!
  10. WingingIt

    Parents Would you tell your kid? (meet scores and placement issues)

    So DD8 was in level 1 last year (at age 7). She was one of the oldest in her group. She was often the example "do it the way she does" for the younger girls. She did wonderfully at states (1st all around). That's what she remembers. Our gym does AAU at first. AAU does not give placements...
  11. S

    WAG Online Scores/Meet Scores Online

    Hey, I have tried to find scores online but no luck. I have checked, myusagym app and meet hub app.... is there another site? This weekend we have Atlanta Crown.... Thanks.
  12. D

    Parents Poor first meet scores

    My newly turned five year old had her first level 2 meet. She came in next to last with a all around score of 25-26ish(can’t recall the exact score). She looked to be one of the youngest at the meet, if not the youngest. She was definitely the smallest kid competing in her level. Most kids in...
  13. D

    WAG So Cal meet results?

    STATE ,Anyone know where to find them? They were on MSO but now taken down?
  14. C

    Meet Scores

    Is a 9.5 a good score for level 5 double mini (first pass)?
  15. LindyHopper

    WAG Top 100 on my meet scores

    So... is it safe to assume that when 10 or 15 of the top 100 scores are from the same meet, that the meet in question is particularly high scoring? Or is it possible that those gymnasts were all (And from various gyms) just that good?
  16. C

    Parents my meet scores

    Does anyone know if the format for has changed or if it is just not working right now? I can't find any scores at all...
  17. kassgymnast_

    Off Topic Meet Results

    Didn't know what topic to put this in really... But does anyone know where I can find the Anna Brashear Memorial Invitational 2017 results? The event seemed very unorganized while changing the location and times last minute. The scores weren't posted digitally at the meet, they were on hand held...
  18. G

    WAG 3rd Meet Results

    I had my third meet a while back, but didn't post about it. It was on an ice rink and was FREEZING. It wasn't so fun. Vault: 8.9, 1st place Bars: 8.7, 4th place (9.5 sv) Beam: 8.9, 3rd place (fall) Floor: 9.4, 2nd place AA: 35.8, 2nd place Team: Something, 1st place Didn't do as well as I was...
  19. Sarah_the_gymnast

    Meet Results!

    First ever xcel platinum meet! Vault: 9.075* - 3nd place Beam: 8.8 - 4th place Bars 9.25 - 2nd place Floor: 9.5 (personal best!) - 1st place AA: 36.625 - 1st place Team: 3rd place (not too bad, 1/2 the team were 1st timers and we had the smallest team) *I started with a lower start value of...
  20. E

    WAG Security issue ... need to contact My Meet Scores

    I very much need to contact My Meet Scores. I have carefully protected my child's privacy by having her compete under her legal name while she is known in the world by a nickname (call name). Unfortunately I just noticed that a former gym meet somehow inserted her nickname into her legal name...