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  1. JBS

    All About 2021 US Olympic Trials (June 24th - 27th)

    Don't forget that US Olympic Trials start today! Watch them with the info below... If you are looking for more great info... check out this great post by our friends over at Gymnaverse... https://gymnaverse.com/t/us-olympic-team-trials-june-24-27-2021/962
  2. A

    WAG Olympic Trials tickets

    Does anyone have the scoop on the 2020 Olympic trials tickets? Right now they are only selling full session packages. Will they open up individual sessions at some point? And will they save some good seats or will all the good seats be taken by the full session tickets? Any advice on where to...
  3. N

    WAG 2004us Olympic trials

    can someone please upload day 1 of the women competition to YouTube ?
  4. D

    Let's hear your U.S. Olympic trials stories!

    ....I have many, but two were hilarious, and as my husband said, could only happen to me. The first day as those attending know, it was a zoo getting in the place. At one point I leaned over the railing to ask this small blonde woman if we were indeed in the right line. "I am sorry, I don't...
  5. Mrs. Puma

    How do they pick who goes to the Olympic trials?

    So I finally got to watch the Secret Classic with Puma Jr tonight and she had a lot of great questions! The biggest one was how they decide who gets to go to the trials. Obviously Simone Biles ect are sure to be invited, but there must be some on the bubble just to get there? Is it just who...
  6. D

    WAG It's official!! Got our seats for Olympic trials...

    ...and they are great! Once we got our confirmation email I scoped out the seats. We appear to be in front of bars and vault. Mind you, I have seen hockey games there and there truly aren't any bad seats. Loving our nosebleed section!! Anyone else got their actual seats yet???
  7. bogwoppit

    US WAG Olympic Trials 2016

    Who is going?
  8. bogwoppit

    WAG NorCal Clubs for Olympic Trials 2016

    Do any of you have ticket blocks, or access to club deals? PM me if you do.
  9. G

    WAG Olympic Trials

    How do they determine who competes in the Olympic trials? Does the P&G championship determine this? I am just curious about the process.
  10. M

    WAG 2016 Olympic Trials

    Many sports have already announced where their 2016 US Olympic trials will be held. It looks like San Jose in 2012 was announced in June 2010. Does anyone know which cities are in the running and when it will be announced? Or is gymnastics more secretive than other sports for some reason...
  11. flips123

    Olympic trials commentary...Tim Daggett style!

    Loving the olympic trials tonight, but so many little mistakes!Poor Nastia and Mykayla on bars, Sarah on floor and Rebecca on beam:(.But Sarah Finnegan's beam mount...HOLY COW! And Kyla Ross seems to be one mean, lean sticking machine! A friend from my gym was lucky enough to be able to go...
  12. Mag_7_Fan96

    Olympic Trials Tonight!!!

    Hey Everyone! The Olympic Trials are starting right now!!! I'd love to hear what everyone thinks.
  13. B

    Olympic Trials online

    Anyway to watch online? I don't have TV.
  14. M

    Olympic Trials mens day 1 tickets

    I have two sets of mens day 1 tickets that I am willing to give (free) to someone if there is anyone that can use them (we have all sessions and won't be there in time to use these).
  15. bogwoppit

    Canadian Olympic trials tickets on sale now!!!

    26 and 28 June. Be there or be sad! http://www.gymnastique.qc.ca/uploads/FormulairebilletsWAGFOS2012.xls
  16. bogwoppit

    Going to Olympic Trials!!!!!

    I am so excited. I decided that as I couldn't get Olympic tickets that I would go to Olympic Trials in San Jose. Flight, hotel and car rental are booked. Just need to get my all sessions ticket!!! :D Not sure who else is going, let me know if you are.
  17. A

    Olympic Trials tickets - San Jose??

    Hello, I am new to this forum so I apologize if this not the correct section to ask this. I'm in search of level 1 tickets to the woman's events. Only level 2 tickets are still available on Ticketmaster. Does anyone know of any website/forum where extra tickets are being sold?
  18. jago

    Olympic Trials/San Jose

    We'll be attending the Olympic Trials in San Jose and I'm wondering if anyone has information regarding fun happenings in the area. Especially gymnastic-related activities. Is it possible to attend the trade show held in conjunction with Congress? :D :D :D Since the women's events don't...
  19. O

    Need information before making reservations for 2012 Olympic Trials in San Jose

    My husband and I are planning to attend the Olympic Trials in San Jose. We have no experience in attending gymnastic competitions. We are looking at All-Session ticket packages for $250, $310 and $525. Does anyone have any experience with these seating levels? Also, does anyone have a strong...

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