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  1. A

    Anon Platinum skills hit requirement?

    Beam: BHS, full turn, split jump wolf jump, hand stand back tuck off beam Vault: FHS full twist Floor: ROBHS lay , FHS front tuck, switch leap wolf jump, full turn Bars: Kip, clear hip, squat on to high bar, cast layout flyaway
  2. M

    Parents High School gymnastics requirements

    Good morning everyone. Does anyone knows for Illinois, what does it take to be accepted in the high school gymnastics team? What level should the gymnast be? When are usually the tryouts and are these information posted online or we have to ask the school beforehand? Thank you in advance.
  3. leighselrayne

    WAG Platinum bars not meeting requirements

    So many people in my gym are doing platinum bars without a B skill and I'm confused why my coaches haven't said anything about the b skill the routine goes something like this Kip - Squat on - high bar kip - back hip circle - undershoot from highbar This seems like a gold routine to me so would...
  4. G

    WAG Platinum Requirements Check

    Please let me know if the following starts off with a 10.0 SV for USAG Xcel Platinum Floor: round off back tuck, front handspring front tuck, split leap + tuck jump, full turn (I can also swap split leap with switch leap or full turn with a 1.5 turn if needed) Beam: round off, leap + split...
  5. lime-gymnast

    WAG USAIGC Silver Skill Requirements?

    I am a 14 year old gymnast in a team unique to my state with very few requirements to be on the team. I am one of the older ones on the team but was thinking about moving to our USAIGC program since I am training higher level skills than most of my teammates and IGC would be the next step. For...
  6. G

    Parents Level 9 beam requirements

    Trying to figure out requirements for level 9 beam! DD is planning on competing a BHS BT as her series (B+C), switch leap jump tuck 3/4 (C+C), and a round off full dismount. She is struggling with getting an aerial or another salto, was wondering if she needs one to start from a 10? Any help...
  7. B

    WAG What are the Xcel Platinum Bars Requirements???

    So last season I competed Gold for a second time, and I'm pretty hopeful that I will be able to go to Platinum this year. I'm pretty close to having all my skills, most of my newer skills that I got for Platinum do need to be cleaned up a little, but I can do them pretty decently, I think. I...
  8. leighselrayne

    WAG platinum requirements

    i want to do platinum next year but I'm not quite sure what the requirements are. i heard it needs to have a flight dismount for beam dismounts, so is it ok if I do a branny? i don't have a backtuck off and my front tuck-off is inconsistent. for floor what do I need? i probably need a flight...
  9. R

    Parents Xcel Gold Requirements

    Is a kip required for bars in Xcel Gold? Does a ROBHS count in Gold as a connecting acre skill?
  10. O

    WAG What are considered normal physical testing / conditioning requirements?

    Hi - I'm new to this forum but am curious to know what physical testing / conditioning requirements are in place at your gyms (requirements that need to be completed before an athlete can move up a level or compete). At our gym we have two requirements - athletes must get at least a 32 AA...
  11. gymmom1004

    Parents Beam requirements

    For diamond, the requirement for flight says “Acro Series – with or without Flight - Minimum of one skill must achieve or pass through vertical (excluding mount or dismount); AND one (1) Acro Flight element (Isolated or Series). Would a backwalkover-backwalkover series and a backhandspring...
  12. G

    WAG Platinum and Gold requirements

    Hey! Where can I find requirements for all events for xcel Platinum and xcel gold? Also- can you compete platinum/gymnastics without BWOs and FWOs? I used to have beautiful ones but my back got injured and simply cannot handle them..
  13. Anonymous Post

    Anon Front Handspring Vault for Level 6 Gymnasts.. mat height requirement?

    Our gym is doing front handspring vaults for all our level 6 gymnasts. They all had beautiful level 5 front handspring vaults that scored mid-9s all fall season, sticking landings, no arching, straight lines. But now for level 6 they are stacking mats to nearly the height of the table. So in...
  14. D

    Parents Gold requirement questions

    Can I do a front handspring on floor? can I do a round off back handspring or round off double back handspring? do I have to do a switch leap? do I have to do a kip on bars? do I have to do a fly away dismount or can I do a half turn thing? do I have to do something over the vault table? can I...
  15. PTBEAN

    WAG Xcel Gold tumbling pass requirements

    With the new rules for xcel competition, I am having trouble understanding the Gold requirements for tumbling passes. I see that it says there must be two directly connected acro skills with flight in one of the passes. Would the following two passes meet this requirement: 1. Roundoff backtuck...
  16. Anonymous Post

    Anon Sports Bra Requirement

    Our gym requires all gymnasts ages 9 and up to wear a sports bra for practice and competition. My daughter recently turned 9 and I’m hesitant to force this on her as she has sensory issues to begin with and in no way needs a sports bra. Do your gyms require sports bras? If so, at what age...
  17. G

    NCAA post graduation high school year and NCAA requirements

    I am wondering if your child do one more PG year , will this give you one more year , so your child get more prepared to apply for college gymnastics team?
  18. N

    Parents Beam bhs requirement for Xcel Platinum

    Hi there. My daughter is an Xcel Gold gymnast (14 yrs old) who is looking to move up to platinum this season. She has almost every requirement she needs except a front salto pass on floor. However, one of her coaches is requiring that the current XG girls have a bhs on beam to move up to...
  19. G

    WAG Level 7 bar requirements

    Hi, I saw somewhere that a level 7 gymnast can do a kip cast 45° clear hip kip squat on long hang kip cast 45° clear hip long hang kip cast flyaway. Is this a 10 start value? Also what is so other level 7 bar routines without giants and cast that are 45°
  20. Anonymous Post

    Anon Xcel: Variations in skill requirements by gym

    I am aware that for Xcel levels, a wide range of skills can be competed to meet scoring requirements. I have seen evidence of this at meets. I have seen gyms that consistently compete more advanced skills than are being trained at my child's gym. For example: Current gym does not require or...

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