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  1. B

    MAG Is it possible to compete in rings only gymnastics.

    Hi, i am a 16 year old boy that has started gymnastics about 10 months ago (i have been doing bodyweight training for 2.5 years). I really like ring gymnastics because im good at strength. In uni (around 2.5 years away) I want to compete but i feel like i will only be able to compete in MAG and...
  2. J

    Coaches Handstand on rings

    Hello, adult gymnast here. Most of my gymnastics skill are at a very basic level, but since I practice handbalancing on its own my handstands are relatively advanced (can hold for 60s on floor or parallettes, can straddle press and inconsistently pike press). I would like to approach handstand...
  3. DTAG

    MAG Release move on rings?

    Is this possible? Too dangerous? Hibar and PBars it is done, granted the bars aren’t moving. But as this sport has evolved so much, could this be a possibility in the future? The athleticism is unbelievable in this sport and the difficulty just keeps increasing. Have you ever seen a release move...
  4. R

    Parents Getting stuck on rings upside down

    I have a level 7 gymnast. Has anyone else had trouble with their son getting stuck on the rings upside down at meets? My son got stuck last year twice (two different meets) in level 6 and he said there were little wires sticking out or something. He’s terrified of going to this gym again. Any...
  5. ZachsMom

    MAG Boy's Level 5 Still Rings

    It's been a while since I've posted but I wanted to share Zach's latest ring routine from his competition in Tallahassee, FL. Any tips are welcomed, especially for swings!! He has improved swings a lot but wants to improve more...thanks!
  6. profmom

    MAG optional rings question

    So, let's just suppose hypothetically there's a first year L8 guy who has a rings routine that goes like this: inlocate - not terrible yamawaki - L seat - press to HS - bail to dislocate - DB off. The routine's somewhat clean and scoring pretty well, usually in the mid 11s. Is it remotely...

    What is the difficulty scoring wise for rings kip to v-sit?

    I know this is a extremely hard skill I couldn't find a place with its difficulty value
  8. lilmisssunshine

    MAG Swinging on the Rings

    There's something about swinging back and forth on the rings that requires the hands to turn back and forth. My son isn't getting it. A google search tells me that it's something like palms back when swinging forward and palms front when swinging back? Can anyone help me understand the purpose...
  9. profmom

    MAG Whipits on rings

    Is there a point before which it's developmentally risky to be trying this skill? One of the boys in DS's workout group is working on whipits, and my beloved child now lusts for them. It looks . . . a little scary to me, with the force on the shoulders. He can do serial inlocates, but they are...
  10. A

    MAG Rings shock absorbtion

    Hi all, I am wanting some feedback from people who have used various ring systems. At our gym, none of our rings currently have any give in them, and I am wanting to get that changed to reduce risk of injury, especially as the boys levels are moving up. The best system I can seem to find...
  11. Amir Hussain

    (URGENT)question about buying rings

    Please someone who know guide me for buying gymnastic rings for home.My hands sweats a lot,so I think I need wood ones.I weight currently 69 kg(176cm).I need that for training intermediate and elite movements.I need to get myself ready for competitions.Please give me links for buying from Amazon...
  12. skschlag

    MAG Rings Move

    One of our coaches posted this move of one of his friends. I think the move is called a butterfly or a Gunny? I am sure someone (dunno) can correct me if I am wrong, but D loves this move. It is very cool! Hope that link works!
  13. O

    MAG Home rings

    Our DS has been wanting rings at home to work on his strength. I found a couple of sets online that seem to be the correct width. My question is in regards to how high they should be hung? We also have little ones to consider. Would a garage be preferable to outside? I am assuming so due to the...
  14. profmom

    MAG Level 5 rings change

    Interesting -- if I am reading the updates right, they removed the inlocate as a specified bonus at L5 and replaced it with an L seat hold. It's now a bonus for L6. This is interesting to me, because our boys' program director last year refused to teach this bonus to our boys -- he told us...
  15. skschlag

    MAG Funny Rings Story

    D's coach came out of practice about 3 weeks ago, and just pointed at me. This is usually not a good thing, since D can get in trouble a bit at practice. I walk over and he says, "Two words....RINGS GRIPS!" I asked him why he was saying it like that. Apparently, in practicing swings, D...
  16. txgymfan

    SPOILER Mens Rings, Women's Bars, Mens Vault (Post Spoilers Here)

    In anticipation of tomorrow's event finals. For the US: Gabby on Bars Sam on Vault For GB: Beth Tweddle on Bars Thomas Kristian on Vault Let's have a no falls final please! Good luck to all.
  17. S

    Which resistance bands for rings?

    Hi All, I'm looking for some resistance bands to use for the rings...mainly to help with iron cross. Most bands are enclosed so cant wrap around the ring...needs both ends to be open to tie on or? Maybe Therabands? They don't look that strong to be standing on though. Thanks for any input!
  18. Geoffrey Taucer

    MAG Rings Swings

    Rings seems to be a weak event for a lot of my compulsory boys this year, and it seems to be more due to swings than strength. Also, I have a specific level 6 for whom the concept of turning over his swings (particularly in the front) just doesn't seem to be clicking -- despite the fact that...
  19. 7

    Gymnastic Rings Levesl Requirements

    Hi, I'm training gymnastics for some time and I searched the internet to find out more about it, I found out that there are levels 1-10, but I've never fonud list of elements for routine for each level and how can I know on what level I am. I like rings and I would like if someone could or...
  20. S

    My tutorial for muscle ups on rings and bar

    I don't know if there's a lot of people on here that want to learn the muscle up, but if there is here's my tutorial YouTube - How to do the muscle up on Rings and Bar It's my first tutorial... Hopefully it's not too bad.

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