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  1. L

    Anon Future scoring

    It seems lately there have been multiple threads with the theme of scoring discrepancies. Does anyone think in the future it could be done with multiple camera angles and some fancy algorithms? Could humans ever be replaced by computers for gymnastics scoring?
  2. A

    Anon Xcel verses DP scoring

    I have a question about DP verses xcel scoring. Say a child has an xcel gold routine that is equivalent in skills to a DP level 6 routine. If the child gets a 9.5 on the xcel routine, what would be an equivalent score if the child was in the DP program? I guess I would like to know how much of a...
  3. G

    Anon Level 6 Vault scoring and drills to improve?

    I've noticed level 6 vault scoring has been VERY low scoring all season across all teams in So Cal... no matter what vault is done, Yurchenko, Tsuak, or Front Handspring. I'd say 95% of gymnasts are getting 9.1 or lower with a few outliers getting 9.2-9.3s. (maybe a flukey 9.5). This is...
  4. C

    WAG Judge Scoring Help

    Are there any judges or ex-judges that provide consulting to review a routine and provide feedback as to where they see deductions so our DD knows where she can work to improve her routine(s)?
  5. D

    Parents Tumbling scoring system

    My daughter and her friend are normally acro gymnasts but do tumbling as extra to support their training. They were at a tumbling competition today and we were surprised to find my daughter scored higher than her friend who seemed to be much more controlled. Its got us wondering how tumbling is...
  6. Anonymous Post

    Anon Xcel scoring

    In xcel, do the judges only judge the required skills or do they also judge the dance elements on floor and the poses and such on beam?
  7. Anonymous Post

    Anon In general, how accurate are mock meets in terms of scoring?

    Hi, does anyone have any wisdom to share about the accuracy of mock meet scoring? We are not new to competing but new to this style of mock meet - ours was judged by a USAG sanctioned judge but we were only given the score on each event, not any kind of insight as to what the deductions are. I'm...
  8. Anonymous Post

    Anon Level 6/7 Beam Mount Scoring

    Wondering if a more "complicated" beam mount offers anything of value to a score at levels 6/7. The TOPS/HOPES/elite coach at her gym asked to do her beam choreography (yep, that was kid literally has no chance of being moved to that group, nor would we agree to it, so it was not...
  9. T

    MAG Scoring/results platform

    Hi, in Aus is there a widely used platform for scoring? I have live meet pro but it seems it’s not used by all. Thanks
  10. J

    WAG Any changes to L10 scoring/skill value? What about NCAA?

    Now that Chalkbucket is getting fun again ;) I thought I'd pose this question.. I saw the thread about L9 getting a difficulty bonus, and am inferring (though perhaps incorrectly) that there are more changes to the code that will be in place next year. Somebody mentioned that a front tuck on...
  11. Anonymous Post

    Anon Scoring for xcel gold verses xcel silver

    Does scoring get harder as girls move from xcel silver to xcel gold? And then as they move to platinum and higher? Thanks!
  12. G

    WAG Vault Scoring: Average or best of two?

    My daughter is in Level 4 this year and I had always thought vault was scored as the best of two but her coach now thinks that they have been scored as the average of the two vaults all year. I'm curious if this rule has changed or if it is discretionary/varies by state? Also, if it is the...
  13. JBS

    NCAA Perfect 10 Thread & College Gymnastics Scoring Discussion

    Videos of perfect 10's & discussion about college scoring! The three main purposes of this thread... List and provide videos of all the perfect 10's in college. What do you think? Was it a 10 or not? What's your overall take / opinion on college gymnastics scoring? Here is one of the more...
  14. A

    Parents Scoring

    Question about scoring? At lower levels are gymnasts given higher scores for more advanced skills? Or is it like the Olympics where they say what they will do and if they do that really well they can get a high score. Just confused as I’ve seen some level3 without kip get higher scores than ones...
  15. T

    Parents Question about Xcel scoring

    Hi... total newbie question. My daughter is ready for compete her first season as Xcel bronze. Our gym hasn't given us much guidance on what to expect at competitions. In regards to the judges scoring, is it correct to assume the girls are scored on their form for their routines and for...
  16. S

    WAG Can you help me explain scoring on this XG UB routine?

    I posted this in the Parents forum but I thought it might be better suited here and get more replies. I would appreciate an explanation of how this bars routine was scored, from anyone who knows. This is an Xcel Gold routine, and I definitely see a lot of little deductions -- bent hips, feet...
  17. S

    Parents Can you help me explain scoring on this XG UB routine?

    Hi, I would appreciate an explanation of how this bars routine was scored, from anyone who knows. This is an Xcel Gold routine, and I definitely see a lot of little deductions -- bent hips, feet not together. But is there a big deduction somewhere? She scored a 8.2 on this routine, and...
  18. D

    Parents State meet scoring??

    Please help me understand state meet scoring. Say a meet has three sessions of Junior A kids in level 3, are there three state champions with the winner of each session considered a state champion? Or is there one state champion that is determined across all kids in junior A from across all...
  19. H

    WAG NGA Scoring

    My gym has decided to switch over to the new organization, NGA. Aside from the fact that no one really knows exactly what it's about, I had a question about the scoring. I'm planning to move up from Xcel Gold to Platinum this year. Although I'm not completely 100% ready (beam & floor are fine...
  20. G

    Parents My daughter is scoring low for the second year in level 4

    My daughter is in her second year at level 4. She just competed in her 1st meet this year and made a terrible overall score. Her coach told me she was doing great at practice and she was sure she woukd make state and mobilize this season. Our gym practices 3 days a week. No extra practice in the...

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