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  1. G

    WAG Split leap question

    In a split leap, is there a deduction if you bend your front leg and kick to a straight leg? (Both for beam and floor) This is what I'm talking about: (the first few seconds)
  2. D

    Off Topic Split Leap

    Hi! I’m in Xcel Bronze and I have my first comp coming up in six days!!!! My coaches say I really need to work on my split leaps tho… Any advice on how to improve very quickly? Thx Also my lever on beam sucks.
  3. amiandjim

    WAG Level 6/7 split leap question

    My daughter is just a level 4 so it doesn’t pertain to her, but I’m curious about the 180 degree leap requirement in level 6/7. I see a lot of routines at those levels that have leaps that clearly do not meet 180. I know they receive deductions on the leap, but let’s say it’s 140-160 degrees...
  4. A

    Parents Help with "bad leg" split leap

    Hi! My daughter is pretty new to team gymnastics. As part of their warm up they always do good and bad leg split jumps across the floor. Apparently, she has just been doing it with her good leg each time and ignoring the instruction when they switch to bad leg. Now they are doing left and...
  5. S

    WAG Split leap floor and beam drills?

    My team is relatively weak on their split leaps and split jumps on both beam and floor. There are several problems. I have several that have good height and good split but their legs are bending getting the split position. Kind of a stag but it's certainly not a lift straight up with front or...
  6. Ariekannairb

    Parents Split leap question

    I am just curious to see if this is something that your gymnast has problems with? DD can do an ok standing split jump, she has her splits on 1 leg and nearly on the other, but when she does a split leap her back leg barely comes off the floor. My thought is maybe it is a strength thing? Maybe...
  7. munchkin3

    WAG Beam Split Leap, Height or Distance??

    I don't know what is ideal and expected for the little athletes. I have seen girls in L3-L4 who are working on the split leap do all different kinds. What is the best way? Distance? I have seen girls go low and far.....does it matter how far you go? Height? I have seen girls jumping over a...
  8. staceyf07

    WAG need MAJOR help with split jump/split leap/switch leaps

    Okay, I know this might sound a little confusing. Regardless of who I ask at my gym, no one really understands what my issue is. I have both my left and right splits, my right is definitely stronger though. I can do a RIGHT split jump to probably 160 My left split jump is a mess...like it...
  9. Kiwi

    WAG Split leap question about chasse step

    I asked this question on the 'chasse' thread but it seems to have kind of got lost, so I thought I'd ask it in a separate thread. On a split leap my DD swings her front leg into the leap right out of the chasse and this is also the way I've been doing leaps. That is, chasse would be L-R-L...
  10. B

    WAG fix for split leap

    I have a level 5 with a terrible leap on floor and I don't know how to fix it. Her leap is great on beam and is fine if she walks into it, but as soon as she runs into it, her front leg is bent and turned in and her back leg crosses over behind her to the opposite side (does that make sense?)...
  11. G

    Split Leap Series

    I am a level 7 gymnast, and I would like to know what I could connect to a split leap to fullfill all requirements. (another leap) This is for beam, and I would like to try connecting a "C" to it to get the bonus. My coach has had us working on split leap sisson (sp?) but I don't like this leap...
  12. L

    a simple split leap

    When I do my leaps, I get looks like I'm doing it all wrong. My coaches say I'm still doing it as if I'm going through the front door, and it's too much of a flowy motion that goes forward too much. I try to keep my chest up and body straight but it doesn't seem to be changing what my...
  13. M

    Split Leap vs Switch Leap?

    Hi, I just finished competing USAG L5 and will compete L6 (although competing L7 also is not out of the picture) next year. My problem is that my split leap sucks. I can't get my legs to "pop" to split. I thought I was feeling the "pop" for a while, but actually I was just pushing off the ground...
  14. flippinlolly

    Switch split leap help

    One of my teammates has a lot of trouble with her switch leaps. ITs a shame because she's amazing at everything else, she's really talented but this is one thing that brongs her down and its a compulsory element in our routines! She just cant seem to get the leg that switches up. ITs almost...
  15. L

    split leap leg change to ring

    One of my gymnasts is performing a split change leap to ring, the problem being that she cannot bend her back leg! She has hyper flexibility in her hip flexors, and her back, and has very square & flat splits, even when raised at up to 60cm. However her hamstrings are quite tight, she has done...

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