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  1. sun

    Coaches Chat GPT stalder press progression

    I asked Chat GPT to make me a stalder-press plan to help a group of 20 gymnasts achieve a stalder press within 3 months, with 25 minutes to dedicate to press-work per day, 4 days a week. here's what it gave me: "Month 1: Wrist mobility and stability (25 minutes per day, 4 days per week) Spend...
  2. AYEMama

    WAG Help with Stalder Press Handstands

    My gymnast is having a very difficult time getting her press handstand. She is Level 7 and has won Regionals, always places 1st or 2nd, etc., so we don't think it's a matter of lack of training. She used to be able to do it when she was level 4, but has since lost it. She is the only one on her...
  3. G

    WAG Stalder press help

    Any advice for how to elevate the bottom high enough when starting from seated straddle so that the feet don't hit the ground?
  4. Peanut

    WAG Level 5 ~ toe-on and stalder to handstand

    Hi. I saw this at our L5 meet this weekend. Took me by surprise. Great that the kid can do it, but is that okay for a L5 compulsory bar routine? Just curious. Thanks.
  5. M

    WAG Exercises for the "pressing" muscle in a stalder press?

    I have a skill specific question and hope someone can help. I a press handstand I always thought two things are especially essential 1. shoulder/trap strength 2. hip flexor strength However, I noticed lately that the most important part is the ability to press, meaning strong shoulders/traps...
  6. Seeker

    WAG Any advice on getting a Stalder to Handstand?

    Dd can get it almost to horizontal but can't get it up and over. Any advice from coaches or veterans? She is very flexible -- legs look to be in good position, so it's not a flexibility issue. How does she get it past that mid-point?
  7. Geoffrey Taucer

    Coaches Stalder: close the legs first, or open the shoulders first?

    In an ideal stalder, should the gymnast focus first on closing the legs and second on fully extending the shoulders, or vice-versa? I've heard it taught both ways, and usually heard girls coaches saying to start by opening the shoulders and boys coaches say to bring the legs together before...
  8. Geoffrey Taucer

    Coaches Level 5 bars: is an inside (ie piked) stalder permitted?

    For the level 5 in-bar skill, is a piked stalder permitted?
  9. M

    WAG Press handstand required for stalder?

    1) Do you need a press handstand from a sitting position to do a stalder? Or will it help? I have a very good press handstand, but only one and not two or more in a row! 2) Do you think stalders are harder than free hips? I kind of find the drills for stalder ways better and easier than for...
  10. Geoffrey Taucer

    Coaches Stalder/Toe-on for Level 5 Bars

    Anybody have kids competing a stalder or toe-on instead of a free hip? If so, how are you training it? How's it working for you? What do you see as the advantages/disadvantages compared to a free hip? I have a few girls drilling towards them, but so far it looks like when competition rolls...
  11. PalmTree

    Coaches Am I Teaching a Stalder Correctly?

    I've never taught one before. I'd like to have a couple of girls compete it in Level 5 if they get it. They already have the flexibility for it and we've been working sole circles, practicing the entry and compression, etc. They have press to handstand as well. I am currently having them do a...
  12. G

    WAG Stalder vs. Stoop Circle to Handstand

    My dd has been having trouble getting her Stalder. She told me last night that lately she has been working on Stoop (Sole???) Circle to Handstand and has not been working on her Stalder. Would this be a replacement or an intermediate step? or would it be going a totally different direction? I...
  13. herrmannt

    Coaches New level 5 bars. Clear hip/stalder/sole circle

    The new level 5 bar routine gives the option of clear hip, stalder, or sole circle. Are most gyms going to do the clear hip? How are you deciding which skill to do? Thanks:)
  14. G


    I sort of had my stalder circle about a year ago but it was never very consistent. I know I need to drop in faster but I am to afraid to. I have The same problem with free hips and don't do them from a cast handstand anymore. Any drills/ideas for my stalder? My coach is pushing me to get it back...
  15. Geoffrey Taucer


    I've just started one of my girls working stalders, and she's having trouble turning it over enough in the bottom, so she always comes out way early. Anybody have any drills/tips/tricks for this?
  16. A

    Stalder roll

    Hi, My daughter has State championships next weekend and she needs to do a stalder roll on the floor. She does the first roll into the stradle, and then as she rolls over her toes touch the ground. She has been practicing morning and night and working this skill at gym for months and just...
  17. G

    Stalder Press

    I really want to get my stalder press. I can do one standing with out jumping but I can't seem to do one sitting. I think it might be a combination of strength and troubles with opening the shoulders. Any drills or conditioning would be helpful. :)
  18. G

    Coaches Stalder Circles

    I was thinking about starting these with my gymnasts, but I have no idea how to start. Does anyone have some basic drills that I could set them up with to begin training them? Thanks!:o
  19. L

    Stalder drills

    One of my younger girls is hoping to include a stalder in her bars routine this coming September, its quite a big skill so i though we had better start working it now, I have a few drills at the moment but not very many, does anyone have any good ones I could use? I'd specifically like to start...

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