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  1. CreateMagic

    MAG Grips for sweaty hands?

    Tl;dr: For my own curiosity, has anyone else had a kid need to use grips for sweaty hands? Pros/cons? I posted this on FB in a men's gymnastics group, but all the answers focused on the sweating or whether they thought it was too early for grips... which isn't my question. So, I'm trying...
  2. R

    WAG Sticky/sweaty feet

    My daughter is working on full turns on beam. According to what she told me, her foot barely moves when turning. When she uses chalk, it doesn't help too much and makes her feet hurt from the friction. The chalk also melts off after doing only a couple of turns. Does anyone have suggestions? She...
  3. e'smum

    Parents sweaty gymnast - use of chalk at meets on all 4 events

    so dd has been called puddles from the owner/coach since she started team and she's only 9. her hands and feet are a sweaty mess - she has been known to leave puddles behind on mats from her feet and hands. she uses a ton of chalk. at her mobility meet in august she slipped on the vault...
  4. M

    Parents sweaty hands and feet

    Happy New Year!!! my dd just had her first meet a few weeks ago and she told me her hands were so sweaty she felt like she could slip off the vault. she scored well but was upset by the wet hands. her feet were also sweaty and she felt like she could have fallen off the beam. her coaches told...
  5. TxGymMom1

    Parents Sweaty palms and not allowed chalk?

    Recently my 7 y/o daughter's level 3 bar coach began telling the girls they are not allowed to use chalk on bars - whether at practice OR competition (they also are not allowed grips) -- this has become an issue because she gets sweaty palms (especially at meets, and has missed a skill because...
  6. skschlag

    MAG sweaty palms

    intrigued?? So, D is having trouble with sweaty palms. He says it affects him mostly on hb, pb and pommel. He chalks on HB but it comes off quickly and looks like there is no chalk (I have seen this!) On pb he feels like his is going to slip off the bar. And on pommel it is really affecting...
  7. K

    Off Topic Sweaty hands and feet

    I have a few gymnasts that have the worst sweaty hands and feet. Does anyone have any ideas how to help with it. We tried using chalk for beam and it just doesn't work. Help please :)
  8. Deanna

    Sweaty feet and hands. BAD

    Okay my DD turned 6 about 6 wks ago. She has always had sweaty feet, but over the years it has just progressed. To the point now, when she gets home from school and takes off her shoes and socks..her socks are soaked through and she will leave little wet foot prints the first few steps she...
  9. G

    Sweaty hands and feet... :(

    As I continue to work on higher level skills, my hands and feet are starting to slip and make me scared to even try anything. Vault and beam are really being affected by my moderate hyperhidrosis... Has anyone used tite grip cuz I found it online and I'm thinking about trying it. if you could...
  10. B

    sweaty hands and feet?

    when i do gymnastics, my hands and feet are pretty sweaty but this is usually just a issue during beam. when i step on the beam and start walking, you can see my footsteps from the sweat. does anyone have a solution for this? do you now if titegrip works or have anyother product suggestions...
  11. E

    Parents when did your dd get sweaty pits

    How old was your gymnast DD when her armpits started to sweat?
  12. S

    sweaty feet and hands

    My daughter has sweaty feet and hands and I beleive this is hindering her from doing her skills. Sometimes on vault she almost slids off and this scares her alot.Does anyone have any suggestions? I would appreciate anything.
  13. G

    HElP! sweaty at gym.

    Hey, okay, so i have had this sweat problem for a while. I sweat a lot under my armpits, ik, gross. And i can only wear velvet leo's because of this, (any other fabric shows sweat through it). And our new team leo isn't velvet!!! This happens when i wear shirts too, i will just be standing...
  14. C

    Coaches Gymnasts sweaty hands and feet

    On our team we have a gymnast who has EXTREMELY sweaty hands and feet. It is so bad that if she stands on the mat in one place to long she leaves a puddle. The problem is on bars. We always have her put chalk on before her turn and even sometimes in the middle of her turn but after doing one...
  15. G

    Need Advice for Sweaty Hands and Feet!

    Any ideas?