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  1. G

    Parents Tap Swings

    I was watching a video on tap swings from one of my favorite Youtube coaches and was surprised to see that he recommends quite a significant arch when transitioning from the forward hollow position to the back hollow position. I can see how it would help gain height on the backswing, but is this...
  2. T

    WAG Peeling off of bar when doing tap swings??

    So I’ve been working on my flyaway off of our bar (high bar) and my tap swings were perfect until today. I peeled off of the bar twice on my third swing. I have perfect form and i’ve been doing tap swings for a long time. I’m in rec so my gym doesn’t allow me to use dowel grips, we are only...
  3. T

    WAG Tap Swings

    Last night at my DD's level 4 meet one of her friends on another team had a scary fall on her tap swings. Everything was going great until she peeled off on the top of a huge swing and went flying backward, hitting the low bar and landing in such a way that the entire gym went absolutely...
  4. B

    Coaches SWINGS HELP with gripping

    I haven't had this problem before in all my years of coaching but currently my level 6 gymnasts predominately who haven't had to do swings for a year in their routine (in Australia) while they can swing powerfully they feel like they can't grip correctly and that they are going to fall off the...
  5. B

    WAG Tap Swings L4

    How do you get them to keep their legs closed on the turn in the dismount? She says she can't keep her legs/feet together because it helps to do the turn .
  6. R

    MAG upper arm support swings

    I was wondering what physical impact upper arm swings might have for the chest. Sometimes one of my gymnasts can't hold it in a front or back uprise and feels a lot of pain in the chest area. One of them even felt a rip in the chest and pain in the arms. My kine told me it was nothing bad, its...
  7. wandrewsjr

    Coaches Spotting tap swings

    Coaches - do you spot every tap swing in practice? Or do you just spot at meets? If you do spot every one at practice, at what point in the gymnast's development do you stop spotting every tap swing?(assuming you ever stop)
  8. S

    WAG Re: tap swings question

    I probably should know this by now as my son already competed L5, but now that my DD is doing the bars at that level (new level 4), I'm confused about what the tap swing is supposed to look like. I wish I had a video to share, but I don't. She's tiny enough that when she swings, she keeps a...
  9. gymgal

    WAG Connections on beam - extra swings

    Dd was talking about connections on beam for future years and it got me thinking. I remember hearing something at last year's Olympics about how the elites are deducted for taking an extra swing for momentum when connecting skills. That they have to plan their skills so that their hands end in...
  10. coach4life

    Coaches Tiny Hands on Tap Swings

    Hey, all! I'm so happy I finally have a question I can post here (yeah, I know, I'm a little weird). Anyway, I am working with a small group of old level 4's training (old) level 5 skills. They're all very tight, talented, determined girls, but they're small and have tiny hands. We started...
  11. V

    Dismounts Out of Giant Swings/ Layout Shape

    Another question coming from DD: why do most girls do layouts out of giant swings instead of tucked flyaways? Unlike on floor, there doesn't seem to be a requirement in L7/8 bars for a layout. Does a layout control the swing more? Do most girls find it easier to do the layout? Also, Mr...
  12. skschlag

    MAG Swings

    D has been having trouble all along in general with swings (HB, PB, and SR). HB is improving and pb is getting better but SR seems to be getting worse. I have video if you want to watch. We don't coach at home, and I don't typically give him any suggestions and leave it up to his coach so...
  13. L

    Tips for improving tap swings

    Hi, I am looking for tips for my level 5 DD to improve her tap swings. They are not that bad, but they need to be a little bigger. Also, on the swing back, are judges looking at the height of the feet? I have heard that they are looking for them to be at least at the line of the low bar...
  14. Geoffrey Taucer

    MAG Rings Swings

    Rings seems to be a weak event for a lot of my compulsory boys this year, and it seems to be more due to swings than strength. Also, I have a specific level 6 for whom the concept of turning over his swings (particularly in the front) just doesn't seem to be clicking -- despite the fact that...
  15. G

    Glide Swings and Stomach Muscles.

    Alright, a glide swing. One of the most simply bar skills yet. And yet I can't do one. I'm 5'3" so not tooo tall for a 17 year old. Although my legs I swear they make up half of my body. I can do about 10 v-ups in a row, rest for a second and do 10 more. I can do all the other ab things...
  16. Kiwi

    Judging glide swings

    I am a beginner judge, with my first competition next weekend. I would just like some advice about judging glide swings. In steps 1 to 4 (like levels 1 to 4), the bar routine contains two or three glide swings on the low bar. Can other judges, or coaches, tell me what a good glide swing...
  17. K

    Drills and vidieo needed for tap swings from very early on in learning process.

    They are new and not geetting the shapes needed to create big swings tips videos progressions. What am I missing these are new training fives. really struggling with the timing of the arch tap.
  18. P

    a handstand roll on floor and tap swings on bar

    hi! i coach level B girls here in finland. they are between ages 7 and 11 and our level B is comparable to USAG level 3. our level B floor routine is pretty easy to learn, but the girls have some problems with a handstand roll on floor. some of them bend their arms and pike their body too early...
  19. V

    Tips for Counter Swings

    DD's tap swings are confusing me a little this year. :confused: Her forward tap swings are gorgeous -- very good body position, going above the top bar. Her counterswings -- they're just okay. The form looks fine, but they're not high enough. Does anyone have any quick pointers, tips or drills...
  20. twisting007bigflip

    horizontal swings on bars

    I know this is going to sound silly, and I'm a little embarrassed to be asking this in the first place, but... What constitutes a swing above horizontal on the high bar? Do the kid's shoulders need to be open totally with their armpits at/above the horizontal plain to the bar? Or, does it count...