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  1. Coach Kate

    WAG Worlds Team 2023

    Congrats to CB's own Joscelyn Roberson for making the worlds team! Super competitive field and she really brought it at the trial, especially on vault! I'm also excited for Shilese Jones, as we recently bought a house just minutes from her gym and I've been taking our baby there for preschool...
  2. Ginger

    WAG Kara Eaker's beam at Worlds

    So it looks like Kara (surprisingly) didn't qualify for EF. What confuses me is her difficulty score. Her beam routine today (D 5.4) I compared it to this routine (with difficulty explained) (D 6.8) So I can see she took out her...
  3. skschlag

    MAG Men's Worlds Team

    So cool! We were able to go watch the meet today, and they were amazing. Some bobbles that were unusual toward the end, but overall, just an amazing showing! Here is the team going to Stuttgart!
  4. Ali'sMom

    WAG Scores for Junior Worlds Trials?

    Does anyone know if the scores from the Junior worlds trials this morning are posted anywhere online?
  5. bogwoppit

    Worlds live scoring
  6. bogwoppit

    Live link for worlds outside the USA??

    Has anyone found any live links for the quals? I am searching everywhere and have not found anything. I fear I may be out of luck.
  7. Mrs. Puma

    Worlds team is out...
  8. flippingtogether

    2018 US Women's Worlds Team

    So Jade Carey and Trinity Thomas declined invites to the selection camp, and are, I presume, not going to compete this year at Worlds at all. Everything still seems murky to me on how one can get to the next Olympic Games, but I do know that the reasoning of these 2 ladies has to do with their...
  9. skschlag

    Great Britain's MAG team for Worlds

    The British team for worlds was announced last week as: James Hall Dominick Cunningham Joe Fraser Nile Wilson Max Whitlock Travelling Alternate- Brinn Bevan Excited to see these guys in action!!!
  10. profmom

    MAG Watch Worlds selection camp!

    Reminder that USAG is doing a webcast of worlds selection camp for the men today. Link is . I would guess they will be paying close attention to the number of views, so even if you can only pop in briefly, I think clicking on that link will send an important message about the enthusiasm that...
  11. skschlag

    MAG Worlds Camp

    They are live streaming it!!!!! I am so excited. i think we might even try to go on Saturday ;)
  12. V

    WAG Classic Performances and Worlds

    Putting the social media drama aside, it was a great weekend of performances at the GK Classic. I was pretty impressed by Riley and trying to figure how everyone fits in. Top tier seem to be Simone, Ragan, Morgan, Riley, and Jade. There are others as well with one or 2 events, but we are out of...
  13. Mrs. Puma

    WAG USAIGC Worlds schedule is out

    I know this doesn’t affect too many of us, but FYI here it is! Puma Jr goes Monday (6/25) at 11:45am, then if she qualifies to Bronze EF, Tuesday at 9am. Her Silver (specialist- bars and floor) is Friday at 11:45am, then if she qualifies to...
  14. F

    WAG What's the next big event now that Worlds is over??

    Just curious what the next big gymnastics event will be now that Worlds is over?? I'm assuming just the start of the JO optionals season and college gymnastics??? Do most colleges start competing in January?? That's when our JO optionals start competing. I for one cannot wait for meet season...
  15. G

    Favorite leos from Worlds?

    I love the one Melanie de Jesus dos Santos wore today for the AA final.
  16. profmom

    question for those who've been to worlds before . . .

    About how long should we expect Saturday's event finals to last?
  17. T

    WAG Jade Carey's Amazing Journey to Worlds

    Doesn't look like she did the whole Hopes/Jr. Elite/Sr. Elite route. Competed at level 10 last year and is a 1st year Sr. Elite this year and is now on her way to Worlds! Looking at her scores, she did 2 years at level 9 and was barely breaks 9.0 on Bars during her first couple years at level...
  18. G

    WAG Riley out of Worlds

    USAG posted that Riley McCusker has withdrawn from the Worlds selection camp due to injury.
  19. wandrewsjr

    Predictions for USA women's team for worlds?

    Anyone else want to make early predictions for team USA? No team competition so they will likely take best 2 all-arounders and next two spots will go to those with potential for individual event medals, that also balance each other since only 3 per country in qualifying per event. What a time...
  20. Mrs. Puma

    Parents Puma Jr makes bars event finals for USAIGC Worlds!!!

    Thank you to all who have asked and sent well wishes! It wasn't a great meet overall, but nothing tragic, nothing below 8 and AA above 34, so it could have been worse. But she did place 3rd of 44 (yes FORTY FOUR kids in the age group...) so she made event finals for bars! She was disappointed...