1st Meet of the Year!!!

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So i had my first meet of this year. It was just an intersquad meet, but we had real judges and everything.
I competed my tuck tsuk for the first time ever after working on it for 4 years (YAY!!) and i landed on my feet (not my face like practice) and i was really happy!! I got a 9.0!!
Then we went to bars and i almost kept my feet up on my counter, i just barely brushed them on the ground. It went really good until i got to my free hip to hand. I kept my head in, and i made it to a handstand, but i didn't exactly make it, so i did a half pierouette and switch kip and then finished with my giants and flyaway. 8.6.
Then we went to beam and i stuck my layout stepout all by myself :D and then i crotched the beam on my downdance. It didn't hurt too bad, and i didn't fall off the beam, and it was really funny!! I ended up falling on my double full turn on toe, and i didn't connect my jumps, but i stuck them both, and my backtuck. I ended up with a 8.4.
Then on floor, i landed my back layout double full, and my front full, and my backlayout full, connected my jumps, landed my dance tumbling, and only got a 8.7!!:mad: i was mad, but i just never seem to get good scores on floor, ever, and to make me even madder, this other girl on my team who only did a backlayout 1 1/2 and a front layout, and a backlayout full, got a 9.15!!! She always gets amazing scores on floor and i can't ever get anything deacent. Grrr...
But it was overall a good first meet!!:)
Sounds like a great first meet. Congrats on sticking your vault and your layout on beam - awesome :D
Sounds like a great first meet to me too !!

Maybe someone could video tape you doing your floor routine - then maybe you would see deductions that you can't tell are happening when you are doing it. My DD's worst event is floor. She thinks her legs are straight but they never are. She never believes us until we show her proof :). But if you could see why you are not scoring has high as you would like maybe it would help.

I must tell you - looks like you did great.
Thanks! We have our next meet next saturday.
I usually get my meets videotaped by my dad, and there isn't ever anything major that i can see on floor.
I got to talk to the judge after the meet, and she said that my landings on my passes get more than 3 tenths off, just because i kind of bounce out of my passes. This can make it so that i lose my bonuses, and then get a lower score. Also, she said the middle jump in my leap series was kind of low, just a tuckjump, and so i'm going to change that, but i don't know how i can change the landings thing. I have always bounced out of my passes, ever since i can remember. I am wondering if i can do like just a backhandspring stepout out of my passes to help with the landings thing, but i don't know if thats legal or not. I'm on MAGA rules, and not USAG, so it might be different. :)

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