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1) How do I connect my clear hip and kip, I can't seem to do that without cheating...
and what are some drills and whatnot I can do for it?

2) I read somewhere about a clear front hip, out of cuiousity, what does it look like?
A front free-hip is called a Weiler. I'm not sure if itw ould be entirely accurate to call it a free-hip, though; generally, the thighs are on the bar for the skill.

This guy does two in his routine:
1) How do I connect my clear hip and kip, I can't seem to do that without cheating...
and what are some drills and whatnot I can do for it?

On the low rail like level 6?

Bring your feet closer to the bar on the glide and do more of a "snap" kip.
As JBS said, try bringing your feet close to the bar before you glide. A drill could be cast away kips and doing clear hip then toes on and then do a glide. Hopefully that all made sense. Also, lots and lots of L-holds and leg lifts to strengthen the belly.
Oh yeah--as far as the Weiler kip if you have acces to a low strap bar do some there and have spot. Go through it slowly first and in parts then put it all together.
Yeah, on the low bar like lvl 6...

I wouldn't mind trying the Weiler kip, but I don't have access to a low strap bar *and I generally hate strap bars...:( *

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try them. :)
I'm not a fan of strap bars either, except when it comes to having fun and playing around from time to time. You can always try doing them with spot and what not. Good luck!
Strap Bar

I can't believe you guys don't like strap bar! I love the strap bar!
Hey to Connect your Kip Front hip all you have to do is lean your shoulders forward more and keep your arms straight It will help to....Well hit me with any other questions you need the answers to and I might just have them...
seriously, that was always really hard for me too but i just worked a lot LOT on my ab and thigh muscles and i saw much improvement over time. Also at the new gym that i'm currently training at, our warm-up routine on low bar is to do 5 push away kips in a row before we're allowed to do anything.

I noticed while working on this problem, that when you're coming out of your free hip, snap your shoulders open and straighten your body to try to almost never leave the hollow position before your kip.

sorry if it's confusing - it makes sense in my head lol it really does =]
Do tons of clear hips starting on a block at bar height, finishing standing on the block. No cast.

Over a period of time (usually it's months from the beginning of the process), lower the block until you can jump, cast, clear hip to clear support, land on the block, then glide off of the block.

Eventually get rid of the block. And kip in and out.

The whole thing is pointless unless you can already do three kips from horizontal casts in a row pretty well.

The example of the Weiler is pretty bad...if I come across a better one, I'll post it. It's hard to find a Weiler all by itself. Usually it has a bad Healy following.
Tia Orlando used to compete a weiler back in her elite days if that helps. I agree on the strap bar not being much use, unless the kids are in gloves.
It's fun to play in, but as a training device, it's usefulness is very limited.
Yeah I agree. Strap bar only really teaches you body positions for the skill rather than the skill + wrist shifting. Also it's hard to transition from strap bar to an actual rail because normally you don't put your thumb over the bar like you would on strap. (Or maybe that's just me, I don't know) =D

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