amazing gymnastics video!

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That video was amazing and it was so true! Thanks for sharing such an inspiring video!
That was great! It reminds me of a poem I wrote for my team.

Fun to Fly
Somewhere behind the athlete you've become, the practices, the coaches who have pushed you, the meets you've competed in, the long time dedication, and the friendships you made along the way, there's a little girl who just thought it would be fun to fly.

Do you know her anymore?
Can you even remember her?

The little girl, mesmerized
By the leaping, the tumbling, the swinging.
Watching the older girls’ every move.

The little girl
Who was so fearless,
Willing to do whatever it took
To be just like them.

Well now you are one of them.
But she’s not.
She’s still that same little girl.
You made it. Good job.

Along the way, though,
She got lost.
Lost in all the competition.
Lost in the fear of new tricks.

All of a sudden
A hard worker replaced the free dreamer.
Admiration became competition.
Just wanting it wasn’t enough.

Flight didn’t just happen,
It was precise and calculated.
And that scared her away.
And you let her go.

Maybe you even forgot her.
You had new friends,
Learned a good work ethic.
Dreaming stopped being important.

But it shouldn’t have.
The dreamer and the worker
Don’t have to be separate.
They are even more powerful united.

Find that little girl in you again.
The one who just wants to fly,
The one who isn’t afraid to let go,
And be all she can, do all she can.

She’s there. She’s waiting for you. She will never grow older, wiser, stronger, better. But you can, and will. She needs you, almost as much as you need her. Find her. Hold her close. Let her live through you. Do all your new skills with her. Fly for her.
That was ssssoooo great. that is the way i used to be. and now competition is so seriouse for me. i just need to let it go sometimes. my best friend is now one of my biggest competitions and i feel like a horrible friend because i get so competetive. but we are still bff's
yes, it's on and I think somewhere else on these boards...
I really enjoyed this video. The little girl part is so where my nine-year-old is right now- looking up to the older girls and wanting to be like them!

Thanks for posting- we had not viewed that one before.
Happy New Year to all!
Once again, watching the vid. I watched it yesterday so i went to gym today and remember and noticed the girls around me watching me. And i finally got the timing right on my layout full on tumble track!!! You just have to remember how far you've really come!!!

Thank you so much for posting this. I feel like a baby.... I cried!! haha.

Great video.
use it for inspiration

Awesome video, did see this a while ago. I show it to the girls I coach for inspiration!!!! Love it, hope to see more like it.
My daughter loved it!!

Just watched this video with my level 3 daughter!! She loved it!!
I can't wait to show that to my dd. She is level 5, and she has a little sister who is a level 2-3. Maybe this will show her how far she has come, and let her know she has a little sister who looks up to her. I cried too!!!

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