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At our gym:
Preteam: ranging from fresh 5-9, most being 6 or 7
L3: 7-12, most are 8
L4: 8-14, most are 10-11
L5: 10-12
L7: youngest is 9, oldest is almost 13. Most are 11-12
L8-10: youngest is 11 oldest is 17.

This seems to be pretty standard here, none of our kids have ever been the very youngest or oldest in their level. The older age groups don't seem super small, although there is usually more of an age range on that end of the spectrum. The middle groups seem the largest, meaning the smallest range. meets here tend to divide into even numbered groups so the oldest group (sr B for example) might have girls in it yo are between 12-14 while Child B might have girls who are all born in the Same year only within a few months....
IDK all the ages of our compulsory girls. There are a couple of L3's who are probably older than my 12 yo gymmie. I think all our optionals (7-10) range in age from 11-16.
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This year our governing body starting posting birthdays with the meet results. I'm guessing it was an accident as they always took them down pretty quickly, but it was interesting to read.

I'm not in the US and we don't seem to push kids through the levels in the same way, I think the youngest level 7 in the entire state is about 10. The oldest level 4 I saw was about 16, and the senior age groups always had heaps of kids.

Not sure about other levels at our gym, but this year level 5 ranged from 9-11, 2 level 6's 11 and 13, and one level 7 who is 14.
I really only know the optionals for our gym.
Our level 6's range from 9-13, most are 11 or 12.
Our 7's range 10-15, most are 12 or 13.
Our 8s are 13-15.
Our 9s range from 11 up to 17. Most are 14 or 15. The 11 year old really stands out for being young.
Our 10s are 16-18.

OPs gym seems to have really young optionals. In my area I think young aged low level (2/3) compulsories are common, but you start to see bigger age ranges in levels 4 and 5 as repeating to prefect skills needed for the higher levels stars to set in. Usually by optional levels I think the ages at my DDs gym become the norm plus or minus a year.

When I see situations like entire level 5 teams that are 8 years old, I wonder what happened to all the 7 year olds who weren't able to get their level 5 skills in time? Most 7 year old gymnasts around me are still struggling w/ their kips and can barely remember choreography :/. Many girls who were like this when younger are excellent optionals now too.
Texas here! At our gym, small & inclusive compared to powerhouse gyms, no level 1 or 2, (ish means I'm not 100% guessing on the age they look)
Level 3 - 6ish to 11ish
Level 4 - 9ish to 13ish
Level 6 - 12 to 15
Level 7 - 9 to 15
Level 9 - 14 to 16
Other - 9 to 10
Texas here! At our gym, small & inclusive compared to powerhouse gyms, no level 1 or 2, (ish means I'm not 100% guessing on the age they look)
Level 3 - 6ish to 11ish
Level 4 - 9ish to 13ish
Level 6 - 12 to 15
Level 7 - 9 to 15
Level 9 - 14 to 16
Other - 9 to 10
What is other?
I am guessing other might mean xcel? Just a guess.
My dd is the youngest in optionals...her age is not the norm. Most of the girls are double digits, and range from 11-17
I think we're pretty average....definitely nothing like OP's gym.
L2: 7-11
L3: 8-11
L4: 9-13
L6: 11-14
L7: 14-16
L8: 11-15

I'm a little unsure about the upper age limits in compulsories just because I don't know those kids as well as the optionals, but I'm very sure about the lower limit. We just don't have the "babies" in each level that some gyms are reporting. An 8 year old L8 would be HIGHLY unusual for our gym and our area.
We are at a gym with a strong optional program that sends kids to D1 schools on scholarship and has a couple of current elites (and by current, I mean that they have had international assignments in the last year... Not that they just barely got their scores and have no shot at being "true" elites)

OPs gyms age ranges are VERY young. Most of our compulsories are 10 and under, but we had a couple of 11 or 12 year old level 5s last year. We also have 11 year old level 10s. Its all about what each individual child is ready for.
I'm trying to imagine practice where all 16 of our Level 3s are 6 :p. We have 5 that are 6 (little bit is one of them). That would be a whole lot of little people to corral
Interesting. Dd's L3 team has kids from 7-9, I think. I know there are no 6 year olds, but I'm not positive about 10 year olds. The girls are all in 2nd - 4th grade, so I guess depending on birthdays, some might be 10.

So no really young ones, but also no older ones.
I do the level 3's and it's definitely a challenge!!! lol

So, just out of curiosity because I'm one that said I'm not sure how that would work for me (my level 3s definitely aren't teens, but most of them are 8), how do they come up to team? Is it small group? From an advanced preschool class, or a preteam? What kind of skills do they usually have coming into level 3 and do they usually just do one year of each compulsory level?
DD was youngest level 4 last year at just turned 8. Kids ran from 8-12.
She is youngest level 6 this year at 9 with the group running 9-13. We skip 5 and sometimes 6.
We have some pretty young level 10s (maybe 12 ish?)
Every optional level has a big age range from 9 on.
We have not had a 7 year old level 4 in several years, it is not a common thing.
We had one kid who moved gyms very young to become a now international junior elite. She was I think a 10 year old Level 9 at the time.
We are top three in the state at all levels.
We have full ride NCAA Division 1 gymnasts.
We have a good number of Level 10 make nationals.
Only an extraordinary 7 year old at our gym would be a 7 year old level4. We don't do Level 3.
Same here. I've never seen or heard of any 7 year old level 4's in our state. 8 seems to be youngest. Some age 7-ish level 3's but that would typically be youngest age group.

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