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I can not believe the Red Sox are in the World Series but at leats this will make the Series more interesting! I don't like the Red Sox, they are to cocky for me. Manny Ramirez, what is up with your head thing? All it does it make your helmet slip off your head...I wanted the Padres in it but that kinda went down the tube!

I want the Rockies to win because they are a good team and I don't like the Red Sox. The thing I find entertaining about the Red Sox is Coco Crisp! When he is up to bat his "ritual" is hilarious and he does it EVERY time! Last night, game seven, his hair was undone and he looked so different!

Any other thoughts on the World Series? Or who you wanted in or out?

The Diamondbacks: I am so glad they are is too cold for snake season.

I hope the Red Sox pick up Barry Bonds as a designated hitter.

I won't say whether I think this is good or bad. I think it depends on your perspective.

However, I will say that my Giants needed a break from Barry.

Will the Red Sox give up their great third baseman and acquire ARod?

Who would pay a quarter of a million bucks for ARod? Maybe the Giants.
I personally don't like Barry Bonds, I'm a Padres and Cubs kinda gal, but I think Barry Bonds will be picked up by an American League Team to be a designated hitter. It makes sense.

I agree with you about the Giants needing a break from him.

My friend and I were talking about A Rod at gymnastics today and we were wondering where he is going to go.

I can't believe Mike Cameron is suspended for 25 games when the next season starts! I can not believe he had a banned substance in his energy drink! I was like this when I head: :O
Banned substance

Barry was shocked to learn that there was a banned in his flaxseed oil cream.

Seriously, I don't like that many baseball players used steroids. But I think that the owners and managers should be blamed as much, if not more, than the players. I have no doubt that they were aware of what was going on. But I think they figured that more homeruns brought in more revenue. It was advantageous to ignore the problem.

I think that Barry, no matter how offensive he could be, has been unfairly made a scapegoat. He is the greatest ballplayer of his era. If you put an asterisk on his achievements, maybe we should do the same for the era where steroid use was rampant, for managers with winning seasons, for overpowering pitchers, (many of whom Barry had to face), who used steroids, too.

Do you realize that in the era of Hand Aaron, steroids were virtually unknown except in the body building sector. Ask California's governor. He used them. But there was a drug that was commonly abused by many ballplayers in the 70.s. That drug was speed or methamphetamine. How many of the ballplayers of that era deserve an asterisk after their achievements? We don't know. They didn't test for dope in those days.
Like at the game where Barry Bonds was going to break the record and so many people had asteriks but how many of those people would have caught the ball? I wish that guy was going to sell it and give that person the money like the Padres wanted to. The whole steriods thing totally depends on the times I think. I still don't like barry.
Everyone has their favorites and I'm sure people don't like my favorites either.

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