Parents Flyaways into the pit finally and backwalkovers on the med high fatter beam...

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Well 1 month away from Emily's first level 6 meet, we are making progress. She knows she is down to the wire. When we first started training level 6 this backwalkover was going to be a pain. I knew it, Emily knew it. We did not anticipate moving to the Omaha/Council Bluffs area and had no clue that we would have to compete a fall compulsory season vs a winter one like in Kansas. So we were already at a disadvantage on time to get over the fear issues on this skill and the flyaway. Emily always struggles with fear with the bigger skills and this back walkover is one of the worst. Anyway, the past week, she started turning flyaways into the pit and they look good and then last night... finally.... She actually moved to another beam... and not the floor low beam but the hot dog beam and did it... She didn't hesitate a billion times, psyching herself out, she went for it... It wasn't that bad... She managed to do about 5 and not sticking any because coach is trying to get her to fall on the opposite side of the beam because she is consistantly falling toward the left every attempt so he is trying to over correct the skill and get her brain retrained to lean more to the right so she can get out of this fall to the left habit she has created for herself...
I was just happy she was actually going for the skill on a beam that wasn't on the floor. The rest of her routine looks beautiful... So we have to get past this...
Bars look okay but the high bar cast is pitiful right now... I guess she is still a bit scared of the swing in the baby giant yet too. The low bar looks pretty good... maybe just another 10ish% higher on the lower bar cast... She is connecting all the low bar skills pretty good though... We also can't do straddle glides at this gym and her pike glide kip was never as strong as her straddle glide kip but it has improved.
Vault has been bumped up to a 5 and I don't like it because I feel she is diving into it but she doesn't want it lowered and wants to train at a higher vault table setting.
Floor... is going great... the round off stop thing goes on a few times at practice but she is doing beautiful round off BHS BT 90% of the time. Her punch fronts are great and she has her front Handspring Front punches too... Leaps have made leaps and bounds this year... This gym is really good at training them and wow it has made a difference. Emily actually has a pretty decent switch leap now too.
OUr first meet is the weekend of Oct 10-11th... Yikes.... I sure hope it is level 6 but if it is level 5, I will understand... We had 3 months less time to train than the rest of the girls on the team...I will keep you all updated...
That is great news, it sounds like this new gym is going to get her throuigh her fears one way or another. That meet is close, but I am sure she can get it together by then.

What is Madi up to?
Madi is doing great Bog... Thanks for asking. Front hip has come along nicely and she is getting much better at her jumps on floor. I think she might be fine by her first meet. She compete one week later for the first time. The first meet we have just the 5-6's are going and then the next weekend the 4-6s compete.
Thank you for the quick response... Madi has practice in a hour:)
AH you're like me girls competing all over the place. wonderful that it is all coming together for Madi as well.

We don't begin meets until Dec or Feb, depending on the division. Seems so far away, but that is a good thing. That darn kip fairy seems to be stuck in customs at the Canadian border, and BBB is so ridiculously close even her coach says she has it (but she doesn't, if you know what I mean)!
Great news for Emily! Crossing my fingers and sending vibes for that bwo on high beam. My dd is getting ready for Level 6 too, though she has until December so a bit longer to get ready. She is fine with the bwo, but is struggling on bars to get those casts and free hip high enough. It sounds like Emily's bars will be great!

BTW, Happy Birthday to Madi and good luck to her as well!

Sounds like good progress - I'm sure she will be ready. My dd is training level 6 too and a couple of weeks ago she couldn't do the fly away and wanted to quit. Last week she did it into the pit by herself for the first time and this week she is doing it on the floor and says she's ready to do the fly away in a layout. Once they get it, its seems like good to go forward, sometimes it takes a bit to get over the hurdle.:)
Wow, it sounds like everyone is doing well, and coming along nicely in their gymnastics! You sure have a determined girl there, bringing that backwalkover up to a higher beam:) Your daughter will go far, having learned how to push herself!

Happy Birthday Madi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Glad to get updates on the girls! Sending Emily the beam and bars fairy. It is hard when you have the added stress of getting those skills quicker than expected.

Happy to hear that Madi is doing well. Wishing them both luck at their first meets of the season!
Thanks for the updates! Sounds like the girls are doing well. I am glad to hear that the move went well and everyone has adjusted to a new routine.

I bet with the progress Emily is making she is going to have a nice Level 6 year! Our compulsories do 3 state qualifier meets in the fall then do some invitational meets in the winter/spring. Does your gym do any winter meets?
WOW! That is a lot to accomplish in a little amount of time! So hard to do when your frame of mind is thinking you have so much time to prepare before a meet only to find out you are actually a little behind. In our state they changed the L5 comp season to Fall and we are feeling alittle "rushed" too...thought we had until about Jan to start competing L5, but now it begins next week!

So anyway, it sounds like Emily is very mature in taking things one step at a time and really tackling her goals & staying focused! I remember watching some of her first videos and thought how amazing & talented she was even as a L4. There have been some big adjustments in her life with the move/gym and working through some tough mental momments, but the fact she goes back time and time again are a true testment of her love of the sport and ability to overcome some little setbacks. When she gets these last couple things (I can't even imagine my DD doing a fly away!) she will OWN THEM and will be moving on to bigger things! L6 seems like a big step and her persistance and determination will pay off soon. Still got a couple weeks before 1st meet, maybe the crunch time will be what motivates her! Tell her to keep up the good work, we are so proud to have seen her grow & progress on CB!
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We have one winter meet at the end of January... It is a home meet. Our state meet is currently scheduled for the 2nd weekend of Dec this year.
Thank you Blackie for all your kind and positive words...
I know she will do well as level 6 if we get these two skills... She has adjusted to a ton this year but she absolutely loves her new gym and the girls. She doesn't want to compete 5 this fall and wants 6 and told the head coach that as well. Next weekend, she will go to a floor clinic and I am having her have a private or two too in the next few weeks to work on these two skills... I think they are coming together. She has the skills, it is just fear that is holding her back.

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