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Hey everyone-

I was wondering if it was the norm for a gym to offer a free trial class. At one of the gyms near me, it is, and I thought it was the same for nearly all gyms.

So today I too my cousins in and it wasn't a free class anymore, as I was told only a week ago.

Yeah, it's frustrating.. :mad:

What's the policy at your gym?
I just looked up gyms in my area and all of them except some very small ones offer free trial classes. As a parent I would be wary of starting my child in gymnastics without the free trial so I mistakenly assumed free trials were universal. Though I could see not having enough coaches to keep class sizes safe impacting the choice to not implement free trials.
From a business and promotional standpoint, it's silly for a gym not to offer a rec class, especially at a rec level.
Its not nessesarily the norm. We don't offer a free trial class, but we do offer a discount on the first few classes. We also allow them to pay as they go for the first few classes without having to make a committment and pay for the full term in advance.
Most gyms around us offer a free trial rec class. I've seen parents bring their little ones in for the trial class and once they see the child seems happy and is having fun, they're down at the desk filling out the paperwork to enroll the child. Just good business.
Yup, we offer free trial classes for pre-school and bronze level (the easiest). If you joined from another gym you could probably have a free trial in a higher level rec class, and transferring club gymnasts aren't required to pay until they have completed a full week.
Were they their with their parents or guardian that was there to fill out paperwork and pay? I would assume that they wouldn't just let kids/teens walk in and just try a class, someone would have to sign some sort of waiver. Maybe that is why they didn't let them?

Both gyms my DD has been at have had free trials for rec classes.
Thanks everyone for your replies.

Yes, they had waivers signed and everything.

It probably does not help the gym to not give free classes, when another, larger gym is just a 10 minute drive away. :D

no free trial at my daughters gym

My daughters last gym did not offer a free trial class. It was frustrating because at the time we were shopping around for a new gym and I wanted her to at least try a class before making a decision. For me, it was important to see how well she interacted with the coach (and vice-verse) and the other students in the class. I did talk with the gym owner and explained the situation (that we were shopping around) and she did agree to allow us to try a class.
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