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I am a mom of two gymnasts, both girls. The oldest is 10 and competes P2 Tyro, has just finished the season, will probably go into P3 Tyro next year. My youngest, 7 years old, is training at team level, but is too young to compete provincially here. She will begin to compete next year.

I am an ex gymnast from the UK where we visit now and again and the girls have trained in a local club in the North West. In our travels in the US my 10 year old trained at the San Diego YMCA the week before a comp. So, at this point, I have a relatively good grasp of the systems in the UK, USA and the two different provincial systems in place in Canada (Ontario is like the USA and then there is the rest of Canada).

I also coached preschool gymnasts when in the UK, though I do not coach now. I try very hard not to comment on my girls gym progress, have to bite my tongue a lot!:D

It is nice to read all of your posts, lots of good advice and interesting people.
Welcome here. Nice to see you. Our girls are close in age then. Got a daughter of 9½. We are from HOLLAND. Sounds like you have seen a bit of the world. WE usually go to the UK every year. My husband is Scottish and our daughter was actually born in Wales. This Summer we aren't going, because we can't afford it. We had a caraccident 1½ month ago and had to get a new car, so no family visits this year.:(

Hope to get to know you some here.
Hi and welcome. I have a 5 year old daughter who will compete Level 4 next year and an 8 year old son who is doing preteam and may be moving to Level 4 for next year. We obviously are in the U.S. I understand that in Canada and the UK, children don't compete until they are 8? Is that right?

Very nice to "meet" you,

Which San Diego YMCA?...I live in San Diego.

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