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I am a level 7 gymnast and I need to learn how to do giants on double rail for competition season which starts in December. I always feel like I am gonna hit the low bar whenever I try them on double bars, so I pike to miss the low bar, but then it's almost impossible for me to make it over... I need suggestions on how I can make it! Thanks
Really... You have 3 options.

1 widen the bars, but for usag they are already super huge, so I don't know if that works for you.

2 learn to straddle instead of pike. You get a lot more swing out of it when you do it right, and it looks kinda neat.

3 swing. And a lot. Making it bigger and bigger until you memorize where the bar is on your bail and back swing. Then, it won't be a pike as much as its a hollow.

I have seen deep pike giants. They are ugly in my opinion. Either way, you will figure it out. It will take time, but you will find that confidence to open up little by little. You may smack your toes or feet. It hurts, but only for a short while. Its good motivation to do it right.

Good luck!

are you tall? i know the feeling though. i must pike so much because i am tall and then its nearly impossible to get a good swing for the giant. i'm just starting to learn to straddle. its great! just with a little straddle, you get a lot of room so you dont need to pike as much.
kind of. i'm almost 5'5". and i did consider straddling, does it really help?
There are many people at our gym who have this problem and I did but some things you can do is do lots of swings where you touch the low bar.this will help you to know where the low bar is when you are swinging. Also try strddling. I tryed this and it helped a lot!! I hope this will help!
I had that problem too!! I'm only 5' but i still hit the low bar with my toes.. Not fun.

What helped a lot for me was to watch the low bar throughout the bail until i see my toes clear the low bar. That way, i can stay in a hollow and after i see the bar pass by, i can tap.

Good luck!
thank you so much for your help and ideas everyone who posted :) i made giants on double bars last night at practice!

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