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(Anyone whos about to read this, who isn't a girl please don't contine to read this.)

:eek:Well just wondering what do you do when you get your period? I mean I don't know what to do. :confused:How do I go to practice? At my gym we are not aloud to wear shorts during practice:mad:. I need some girl advice. I mean what do you wear to practice when you get your period? And I already feel really embarrassed I dont want to go to gym while I have this thats for sure. Please help me by giving me some advice. If you would preferr to private message me then you can do so or just leave a reply here.

Thanks a ton girls!

Speak to a coach in your gym, a female would be the best choice. Women all understand, so I am sure there is someone in your gym who gets it and can really help with your rules concerning shorts.
Speak to a coach in your gym, a female would be the best choice. Women all understand, so I am sure there is someone in your gym who gets it and can really help with your rules concerning shorts.

First thanks for your advice. But my coach would not understand every gymnasts fears her. She is very rude and treats us like trash. I wish i could talk to her but she would just not understand. Any other advice you can give would be helpful.
Well if you were my DD and you told me all of that, I would go to the gym and talk to the coach face to face to solve the issue.

So talk to your Mom and maybe you can deal with it together.
I just dealt with it... I donno. When I was in highschool, at my gym we also weren't allowed to wear shorts and I also did not use tampons. Now that I am older and use tampons it's a non-issue. I made sure though, in highschool, to use ultra-thin maxis without wings when I went to gym, and I've always worn underwear under my leotards.

I honestly don't understand why gyms don't allow girls to wear bike shorts, honestly, they don't cause problems and save a lot of bruising on your legs on bars!

But I do agree with bog- team with with your mom and have a discussion with the coach. Though, if your coach treats everyone like trash I'd also ask about switching to a gym with a kinder coaching staff!

Ok every girl has this problem and i have the same problem so hers waht i do if you can not wear short then hers waht you do wear to pads and under wear and i know it is weird but wear tights.

i hope this helps.:D;):):):)
Gosh I've never had this problem as we've always been allowed to wear shorts. Actually it's like required or something...something like setting good examples not revelaing too much leg, etc. kinda weird but have it their way...anyways talk to your mom, or if your comfratable ask an older girl (in private of course) and ask her what she does in this kinda situation. Hope this helps! :)
I know this is an old post, but every girl goes through this, and i just thought somebody might benefit from this if ibrought it back.:)

So, i have NEVER used a tampon for gymnastics before, practice or competition. I just always wear a pad, (i'm afraid the tampon will fall out :eek:) but anyways, i just wear a really thin pad. I also have incontinence so i have to wear a pad all the time anyways, so i never used a tampon, cuz it wouldn't solve both problems. there are really skinny pads that you can get, but the ones that i use for competition (when we can't wear shorts) are these pantyliners from Depend. (they are actually for incontinence, but nobody can tell the difference) They are skinny enough that they don't stick out the sides of my leo, and thin enough so that they aren't noticeable. Like somebody pointed out in another post, think of how many thousands of girls/women that are having thier periods RIGHT NOW! There's a ton, so don't be embarrased. (i was actually kinda proud that i had turned into a woman :D)
Are you sure you can't use tampons? I understand it would be an issue if you haven't used them before and don't want to, but it will be a lot easier for you. Don't worry about them falling out - it simply won't happen. You'll forget it's there. If you tuck the string into your leo, no one will see it.

I got my period the day before my first meet ever. Sucked, but I have bad luck and was anticipating something like that. I used a tampon, and it went fine, though.
I started my period for the first time last week. and i was excited about it because all my friends had it except for me...i am 14. I just use a pad...but we are aloud to wear shorts. I would use a really thin pad or just try useing a tampon on a day u don't have gym and see how you like it.
Congratualtions, it is a big deal for ALL women, and now you are one too. I thinnk sthe new pads are very good as they are so thin and are easily hidden.
don't worry about it, just wear a tampon, and try to wear darker colored leotards. if you're really uncomfortabletalk to your coaxh about it. preferably a female coach. most likely she will understand
here is my advice. talk to a girl coach. my other advice is try using a tampon. lots of girls at my gym do it and they say that it doesn't bother them at all so try that. let me know if i can do anything else for you.
I promise you tampons are the most wonderful things in the world. You can't feel them, they don't show (as long as you tuck in the string), and I promise promise /promise/ you don't have to worry about it falling out or...falling in lol

I find pads at gym when you're working hard and sweating can get kinda gross and I get paranoid about them showing, especially if I can't wear shorts. But that's just me. It all depends on how much you're bleeding and what's comfortable for you. ^__^ Good luck
i just used lots of toilet paper. change it after every apperatus. i do that in comps. im WAY to scared to wear a tampon.
I totally know what its like to be scared to use a tampon.

But now they are the best things in the world!

Anatomically, they won't get in too far. Its very rarely that it will fall out. I'm 18 and its never happened to me.

Tampax makes sport ones, and I use the light ones of those for gym, and never had a problem. Besides, they are way more comfy and you can kinda forget about it for awhile LOL. :p

Good luck!
I totally get that tampons are weird and stuff

But maybe talk to your mum or sister about it and trust me you dont feel a single thing if the tampon is in right.

All us girls know what an annoying thing our period (or George as we call it) is and know its hard to ask for help...

Good luck:)
well what some people do is buy ultra thin pads that are skinny in width so that it doesn't poke out the sides but ideally you will want to wear tampons if you are at a competition or are training for one - you want to train as if you are in the competition when doing your routine so everything should be as similar as it can be. If you are worried about leaks wear a dark leotard like black or Navy blue (deff. not white!

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