Gymnast leaving from a coaches perspective

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Coach/Proud Parent
Proud Parent
Last night my best gymnast left.. It wasnt a bad scene or a year of arguing or disagreements.. In fact her parents are great and have always been supportive of the program. They never sat in the gym or hounded us in any way. They had nothing bad to say and were emotional as well. I see alot of threads on this from parents views especially at this time of year so I thought I might share. I taught "Claire" her first handstand and cartwheel on beam and now up to her flipflop layouts.blinds and first releases.. She skipped levels and is a serious hardworking 10 yr old. I took her from a strong gymnast to a TOPs national Team member and state champ. In this job you put your gymnast ,often times before your own kids with her meets ,traveling, peaks and plateus and this I did willingly. This child is special in our field and I dont regret for a minute anytime extra or not that I spent with her. Her parents were the best kind for a gymnast to have , Supportive without pushing. I will not lie and say it doesnt hurt , It actually feels like I got hit with aton of bricks. I know many coaches feel this way after losing a gymnast and others just blow it off. I willnot glare at "Claire" at meets or her parents. I wish her the best. As much as I hate to admit it and hate to lose her,I know this move for this child is for the best in this political sport. I hugged her dad last night and we all cried . Today, I will smile and goof around and coach like Ive never coached before because the girls that will be at practice all deserve as much effort as I put into "Claire". Please dont for a moment think it doesnt bother me because this child was like my own from the time she stepped into the gym, and like any good parent I would want whats best for her.
Awwww I am soooo sorry to hear that! If you don't mind me asking why did she leave??? It sounded like everything was ok. She must of been a great gymnast!
Thanks for sharing your perspective with us.

DD has only left one gym and that was before she was on team. We love our club and coaches.

It is great that Claire had you to develope and care for her in her young life. All gymnasts should be so lucky.
It is so huge of you to bring this up. We know it hurts as anyone would. But, such is life. At least she is leaving in good terms with everyone.

I don't think I caught whether she left for another gym or she just quit altogether.
What an awesome coach you are. I wish my girls could have you!!!!!
She left for another gym. This gym openned not too far away with Olympic coaches and national team members. We have a large team with gymnasts of her level but, just not of her caliber.. In this move she will be surrounded by elite levels.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings. This gymnast was so lucky to have you in her life. Just wish my gymmie had a coach that cared about her as much as you did about this girl.
She left for another gym. This gym openned not too far away with Olympic coaches and national team members. We have a large team with gymnasts of her level but, just not of her caliber.. In this move she will be surrounded by elite levels.

yep. and that will be the end of her. too bad. by the way, they are NOT olympic coaches and they did NOT develop those national team members. they stole them from another area program. and when the 1 goes to college it will be 1. not plural or surrounded like you have intimated. but 3 of the coaches were olympians. 2 from china @ LA husband/wife, 1 from Japan @ seoul, and a romanian that was a national team member. just want the facts straight. and being a manager of any olympic team does not constitute that of an olympic coach or being called an olympic coach. just a manager. do your research and you will not find this coach listed as a coach.

and don't put info up that is not factual. it's offensive to some.

and if you taught this child all that stuff? you should have fought for her a little harder knowing where she was going to go. my opinion? as harsh as it will sound? you either lack confidence or don't respect your work. or something else...

forgot a small part. you said "this political sport". no offense, but you don't know what you're talking about and how those "politics" relate in a bad way with those coaches. geesh....

and before anyone writes back that i'm edgey...i'm not. this poster is not credible. i don't think it's right that any of you here get bad intel or are misled. period.
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Whats your deal, I really "dunno"...are you mad at this coach cuz he is sad to see his gymnast leave?? Where's the crime in that? The coach is just expressing some sadness, its not against the rules is it? Why did you post all that stuff about the other gym...why don't you "fess up" and tell us what YOUR role is in this gym drama, and why you are so nasty.
Dunno, how can you know all those details and be accurate in what you are saying? I found your post to be unnecessary and disrespectful. Do not misrepresent coaches and give them a bad wrap. You appear to me the type of coach that parents stereotype us as (thinking they know what is best for every child, making the parents feel inferior and unapproachable with questions). Please remember this a community for everyone to learn from and feel comfortable sharing their experiences and feelings. Do not belittle every person who is not a top elite coach, because you just may learn from them..
I agree the post was a bit "strong" - but let me just say, I've heard those stories about the particular coaches as well (except being from Europe it's all second hand knowledge so I'm in no position to call them any more than rumors). Also, IMO it's still wrong not to give people a chance, unless of course there is obvious evidence, which probably wasn't the case for this particular gymmie who has just moved.
I don't know about the things 'Dunno' is mentioning - so I will leave that out of my post.

You have obviously done a great job with this little gymnast. Invested a huge part of your emotional and physical efforts for years. Her leaving (even on good terms) will leave a huge hole. The children she trains with probably are feeling it too. My dd still feels the loss of a friend who left her group a year ago. It will take time for you to feel better. Im so sorry. We know these things are going to happen but it doesn't make it any easier. I would feel just the same.

Hopefully she (and her family) will carry good memories of you and your gym and your coaching and will always look back and be grateful. That is the reward that you will get longterm and that cannot be taken away. No matter if she ends her gymnastics career next week or goes on to star in the olympics. Your part in her life was good you just have to hang on to that. (((( Hugs ))))
'dunno' what is your problem?
leave this poor coach alone she was just expressing her sadness...i thought this was meant to be a nice community thingo for gymnasts huh?
'dunno' what is your problem?
leave this poor coach alone she was just expressing her sadness...i thought this was meant to be a nice community thingo for gymnasts huh?

nicely said. This is supposed to be a community where we should be able to say we are sad and not get attacked. I haven't been a gym coach but I have been a teacher in school and it is always sad when someone you put time into and have come to care about leaves regardless of the circumstances. It doesn't matter what the other gym has or doesn't have or who is there or not there, this coach cares for this gymnast and is sad to see her go. she only hopes for the best for this girl.

Its hard for a parent to make that decision to leave especially when everyone still likes eachother, but parents do what they think will be best for their child. She may be back if it doesn't work out at the new gym. We have had a few that left last year for what was supposed to be the "better gym" now they are coming back. Why well the mom of one of the girls said she missed that family atmosphere at our gym Just too many drama mammas and the gym is all business.

Don't worry you still have the other girls and they will also be there for you to train and encourage.
I really don't think it sounds like this coach did a poor job with this gymnast, or didn't have confidence or what ever it was that Dunno said. She probably wanted the glitz and glam of a high profile gym. It happens all the time. I have seen parents post on here that they were moving their kids to those type of gyms even though they thought their gym was doing a perfectly fine job. Some people get sucked into all the hype. Train with good girls at your level or train with national team members. Sorry I could only underline it not put glittery stars around it as I would have liked. I think you have to be in the moment and enjoy the kids you are coaching and know that one day they will all leave, wheather it be to quit, go off to college whatever. Do the best you can with what you have and try not to get overly attached to those special gymnasts. I have had a few of my favs (feel bad saying that) quit already, a couple for money reasons, a couple for injuries not related to gymnastics and some just found different interests, just one of those things that happens in this profession.

Very nicely said.

Now stepping on soap box

Just a though I think every gymnast no matter how good or bad are "special gymnasts" I know there are those who are talented and it comes easy for them but there are those who work just as hard and will be good but not a national team member. They deserve just as much recognition, coaching, and encouragement as any other gymnast. Ive seen so many coaches (some who were in my DD's gym and others in other gyms) give that extra time and praise to their "special gymnasts" because they are the 3 or 4 that will get the team scores that will get the trophies. The other gymnasts see this and are effected by that. It will bring the confidence level of others on the team. Ive seen it happen.
Ok stepping off soap box,
It is nice that you can handle this switch professionally. We are in the midst of making a switch and I don't think our coaches will be anywhere near this decent about it. It isn't an easy decision for anyone to make.
I've been sad only once about a gymnast that left, but I can appreciate what's being said here. In my experience gymnasts always made it clear they have one foot out the door, so it's never been a surprise. Lost a lot to swimming and soccer so I guess I built a tolerance to leaving over time.

Sort of a related ramble: When I moved to Texas I kept in touch with my gymnasts through the gym. I wasn't very good at it, superficial 'I hope you guys are all doing great!' messages I suppose. It's very hard to keep up with them without feeling like you're interfering. Eventually I kept my correspondence off paper and used the phone to talk to the owners/coaches only.

When I saw one who left for another gym, I didn't acknowledge her until after the meet. I have no place taking up a minute of her time when her concentration should be on herself and her coaches instructions.

As far as what dunno is saying, I can understand the fight to keep her there point. Regarding other gyms, I'm hopelessly ignorant about the particulars of gyms that aren't mine. I know if they do well in competition or not and that's about it. I could see myself making statements about another gym based on the reputation or 'facts' they advertise. Frankly I just don't dig into details unless I have to, I'm only investigative if I'm considering the gym for a job. I'm ok with that, because if I were to fight for a gymnast to stay I would do so based on what my gym has done/could do for the gymnast rather than how the next gym will ruin her.
Aerialriver, I'm the same way.

I'd rather have a team full of hard workers who may never be take-your-breath-away amazing but are enjoying the sport & are giving what they've got than a team of "talent" who won't work for it. I can teach skills, but I can't teach attitude.
Aerialriver, I'm the same way.

I'd rather have a team full of hard workers who may never be take-your-breath-away amazing but are enjoying the sport & are giving what they've got than a team of "talent" who won't work for it. I can teach skills, but I can't teach attitude.

LOL. I just bought my daughter a shirt off ebay that says

You can teach me the skill, but the attitude is all mine.

Think it fits in good to your post.
i thought it fair to get the facts straight. you are all entitled to that. this is why our sport is screwed up and parents are duped in believing facts in evidence that are not true. most don't even do thorough research in where they take their kids. if the truth be it.

if a COACH posts info that is not true, and i know it to be NOT TRUE, would you rather someone like me that may know the truth to just let it go and perpetuate all the misinformation [crap] that is out there?

or, would you rather have the truth and honest insight be told to you so that you are better able to interpret what is really going on which will help all of you to know your gyms better? and how the sport functions [actually dysfunctions] ?

i was not attacking the coach. i simply asked not to post stuff that is not true. plain and simple. if one of the moderators tells me to shut my trap then i will. they haven't. and i won't assume that they think that i MIGHT know what i'm speaking about.

i'm done now. and i will not respond again on this matter.

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