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So.. I finally got around to watching my recording of the Big 10 conference champs, and over all it was good stuff all around.

If anyone wants highlights Ill be happy to share...

However, one thing stuck out to me - Penn State's girls looked amazing! Physically they all had really nice lines, all of them looked really strong, and none of them looked disproportionate.

Now, I know much of this is genetics - Im just curious if they happened to get a genetic magical mixture this year, or is it their conditioning program?

Does anyone know if they do anything out of the ordindary? I would love to help get some of my girls into shape like that - and I figure the earlier I start, the sooner it can get done.


I kept watching a little more - and I have to admit, that Michigan's girls who do bars also look really good. I cant say I say much bad about them... if you can get video of them they look incredible.

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