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my gymnastics coach (that ive known almost all my life:p) offered me a job and i knew that i had been wanting to coach but im still on the team and i hadden't told ne one about wanting to quit yet. so one day he ask me what i was goen to do after the meet season was over and so i told him... then he told me that he wanted me to coach for him so i said i would.... is it just that im lucky or has this happened to others 2???
It's not luck, luck has nothing to do with being offered a coaching position. Being a great gymnast does not nessesarily mean you will be a great coach. Your coach would have selected based of special talents and skills he has seen you display.

In new coaches they look for committment and dedication, great communication skills, a deep understanding of the sport, a great attitude, passion for the sport, team work, patience, enthusiasm, people skills and many more things.

Coaching is a big step and you will be faced with many challenges but it should also be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. Good luck.
that happened to 3 of my friends actually... weird. lol but i think its so cool that you get to coach because you still get to stay involved with the sport.

plus it isn't weird because your coach has known you all of your life. he would probably much rather trust you with coaching, than trust someone he barley knows! :)
good luck!
Coaching job


Listen to Aussi Coach. The ability of a coach to impart knowledge of a sport/skill is sometimes, counterintuitively, negatively correlated to his or her skill level. Being able to teach, to communicate is a skill all by itself.

Congratulations on the job offer.

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