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Hey everyone,

I was recently in a car accident about 3 weeks ago. Since the accident I have been getting extremley dizzy and have been blacking out quite a bit. I will just be laying down and all of a sudden the room will start spinning and I will turn over and hold my head just to deal with it. This also happens while practicing too.. and I actually blacked out in the middle of a dive the other day and couldn't control what I was doing and it hurt quite a bit when I landed.

So if anyone has any advice on what to do or any clue what may be causing this then please share.

Thank you.
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1. tell someone - i.e. your parents
2. go to the doctors!! I assume you hit your head in the accident?? head injuries can be serious and if you are dizzy and blacking out it should not be ignored and needs to be checked by a professional.

I hope you are ok and that it is nothing too serious :)

Tell your parents and go see a doctor:doctor:. You don't want to be diving if your blacking out.

What you are describing are symptoms of a head injury. Did you hit your head in the accident?
Just to add to all the good advice. Even without a head bonk, whiplash can give you some nasty symptoms too.

Do not train whilst you have these symptoms, until you see a Doctor that is.
I agree with everyone else. You don't want to mess around with head injuries. Make an appointment with your doctor right now.
Just wanted to thank everyone so much for their advice and comments. I talked to both my parents and coach about the dizziness along with symptoms with it and I now have a doctors appointment for friday. So thanks everyone once a again, I really appreciate it!
good, glad you decided to go to the doctor and make sure nothings wrong.
Thanks everyone again for the advice. I went to the doctors today and as of now they said I have vertigo, but they did blood work to see if anything else was wrong.
oh yuck! poor you! I had that a couple of years ago and it is the wierdest feeling ever.
I was sitting in a lecture at uni and all of a sudden I started to feel really hot and sick and like I couldn't stay awake and then I fainted in my seat! It was kind of embarassing actually. I never fainted again, but for months I kept getting wierd dizzy feelings and headaches.

I guess it is lucky though that it is not something more serious :) Hope you are feeling better soon!!
Tori, I'm glad you went to the doctor. I know you like to push through the pain and not complain when you are training and everything. And thats great most of the time because it shows that you are a hard worker and makes you a better athlete. But there is a huge difference between pushing through soreness because you did a lot of conditioning and trying to push through a serious injury. Injuries, especially head injuries, are nothing to play around with because they can lead to permanent damage later on down the road. So take care of urself and keep going to the doctors until they figure out what is wrong.

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