HELP!!!!!Good Prep Op. Gyms in IL.

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I am moving to the Chicago Area, and I am having problems finding a good gym that has the Prep Optional Program in or around that area. Anyone have names, phone numbers, or the best, websites????? Please Help!!:D:eek:
This is a bit of a finnicky question...

In the city there are a few.. but if youre moving to the suburbs.. if you want PM me the suburb, and I will see if I can pull up a list for you here.

Otherwise, Buffalo Grove is good for boys, but I hear their program is a bit lacking for girls...

I can look into some more, but gyms in my area are limited..
So.. I asked a few coaches, and I got the following recommendations:

IN the city:

Peterson Park District
Chicago Park District

Outside the City:

Elk Grove Gymnastics (I like this gym, but it's a bit older and smaller. However, I frequent it a LOT)
Aurora has a few clubs...

In reality, it comes down to what you like, and what you expect and like in a club atmosphere. If you want a really nice gym to work out in, Wilmette Park District has a wonderful gym... other than that.. find someone who you gel with, and stick with them!

Good luck! I hope to hear good things about a new gymnast in town :-D

Can't be much help here, our gym was considering going Prep-Op this past season, it's the first time it was available in Illinois, but decided against it because there were so few competitions. We went to seven meets last year, none of them had prep-op although I guess they would be seperate.

There are a ton of good gyms in the Chicago area, and lots in the south suburbs, go to the Region 5/Illinois website and they have a substantial list. You could check the websites to see what programs they offer.

Good luck!

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