help on bars: mental block or not?

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i am alevel 6 so cast requirements on bars are 45 degrees (i think) on low bar i can get to horizontal and on high bar i dont get to horizontal. the problem on high bar is that i dont lean and just bump my hips off the bar: im gonna work my highbar extra hard at my next practice. but is not getting above horizontal a mental block for me do u think??? i can do it with a coach spotting most of the time, and the spot isnt as heavy as it used to be. so does anyone know if my problem is strength or form related or a mental block??? i always have had trouble but i did quit and didnt do any gymnastics or 8 months and didnt come back to usag for a year and a half. i have grown at least 4 inches. my coach says i need to get my shoulders over the bar more and my feet below the bar more for a better lean. what are your thoughts on this??? is it just a mental block or strength issue, or possibly just not enough power???:confused:

thank you in advance for your input:p the high bar is a mental block i think, it always has been.:rolleyes:
It could be a mix of all of the things you listed above but I personally believe its a mental block, since it is no harder to cast on the high bar than it is on the low bar.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day the only thing that can help yourself get over a mental block, is...well, yourself!

For me, the only way I get over mental blocks is when I get so annoyed at myself for not doing something I have been holding myself back from, then i get the whole "that's it! im just going to do it" attitude, but everyone is different.

You could try and keep doing them with a coach, and just have he/she spot you a little less each time, just to help build up your confidence.

Im not sure if this is helpful at all, or even if this is whats going on-- it could be completely technical and strength/power based and not a mental block at all, but from what I read to me it sounds like a mental block, which like I said will take time and perseverance!

Dont give up, even if you have a break for a couple of lessons and work on something else and go back to it--you might get it straight away!!

- Tak
It can be a mental block
because you're scared to fall down in the high bar.
The last I had a problem like that but it was on the beam. I don't know why but I couldn't do my back walkovers.

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You need to get your shoulders over the bar more. & I believe level 6 you have to cast almost to handstand, like 60 degrees or so I think. 45 is horizontal, and that's the requirement for level 5. You can always try straddle casting for the higher ones. Chances are, you know how to cast and your mind won't let you.

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