Parents HELP!!!! Understanding elite and pre elite

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I see there is so much wisdom on this forum. Can you all please help me understand the difference between hopes and pre-elite. I have a soon to be 10 year old YIKES she compelted level 8 last season coming in 2nd at regionals. She is training level 9 this year and HOPES. However, I can not figure out the difference between HOPES and Pre-elite. Your help would be greatfully appreciated:}!!!!:cool::cool::cool:
I'm not at that level with my DD but a simple search of the USAG and I found some info on HOPES.

According to this it is a modified pre-elite program for girls ages 10 - 12. It sounds like what the TOPS program is for non-Elite program. I would assume Pre-Elite program with HOPES is what the Pre-Team program is for Compulsory program with TOPS. Based on the chart on that link it looks like what L4 is for compulsory starting at 10yo then on to the next level of JR Pre-Elite, then JR Elite then Sr Elite at 16yo.

I'm sure someone here will have a more through explination but that was what I found in a 1 min search on USAG site. I always try to find the info there if I can first and it usually only takes a simple google search or site search to find info like this.
Cher062 thanks, I have seen that on USA/. There is an overlap in age that is a bit confusing to me!!! Thanks for your help!!!!
I thought Hopes was simply eite but for girls who were younger, 10-12. Pre elite is again for young talented gymnasts. And like dunno said in another post " Hope 'ing'' to go elite if all pans out. Tops is basically to' scout' young talent. Although some elites did not do TOPS,, the ones who did were watched since then by Marta, ect.Your DD sounds like she is quite talented! Good luck to you and her! Hopefully we will hear her name soon enough!!
there is always overlaping of ages in all the levels. Every gymnast is unique and may be in different places at different ages. You could have a 12 yo that is in Hopes and another `12 year in the Pre-elite simply because they are at different ability levels.

If you look at the age ranges in all the competitive levels you will see that over lap too.
Hopes is for gymnasts 12 to 10, but nearly always the gymnasts are 11 and 12. It has modified (easier) rules than the other levels. Pre-Elite, Jr. Intl Elite and Sr. Intl Elite all have exactly the same rules, but you need different scores for each. For instance, a Pre-Elite gymnast needs a 49.00, while a Sr. Intl needs a 54.00 at a Classic meet to qualify to the US Championships.

In 2011, approximately 10 gymnasts qualified Pre Elite and 15 gymnasts qualified Hopes. They should compete in the Challenge in Chicago at the end of the month.
Hopes routines are similar to routines in between Level 9 and Level 10. Pre Elite routines are usually above Level 10.

A standard hopes routine - not necessarily winning, but making the minimum score - is below. It is usually bars that stops a gymnast from qualifying in hopes.

Beam: 1.5 or 2.0 dismount, front aerial or side aerial, 3 dance skills such as switch leap and sheep jump, bhs/back layout, back tuck.

Bars: 2 circling elements, shootover or pak, blind/front giant, double tuck dismount, uphill

Fx: double back, 1.5 combination, 2 other acro lines, 3 dance elements such as switch ring and tour jete 1/2

Vault: pike or layout yurchenko
Hopes, Pre Elite and Intl Elite athletes must also all obtain an elite compulsory score. The elements above are for optional routines. Hopes athletes need a 32.00.
LemonLime thanks that is exactly what I was looking for thansk so much for putting it my language lol:}!!! Good Luck Bre she would be able to qualify for a min of HOPES!!!

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